The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. Ben Carson and Chris Christie

    Fox News Names 10 Debate Participants

    This is the list. Joining Donald Trump for Thursday’s Republican debate will be Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Chris Christie and John Kasich. Meanwhile, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Rick Santorum were bumped. They’ll have a chance to participate in an earlier forum, which will also include Bobby Jindal, Carly Fiorina, Lindsey Graham, George Pataki and Jim Gilmore. Despite conventional wisdom that all eyes will be on the real estate mogul may not be the main attraction: OZY’s Carlos Watson predicts that brain surgeon Ben Carson could “steal the show.”

  2. obama getty images 482866778

    Climate Plan Detractors Started Fight Early

    They saw him coming. Coal industry lawyers and lobbyists feared yesterday’s climate change proposals were looming, and they’ve been planning how to respond since early 2014. Their coalition, including numerous lawyers in various states and in Washington, D.C., plans to challenge Obama’s agenda — which aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions from American power plants by a third before 2030 — all the way up to the Supreme Court if necessary. The president has vowed to use his executive authority if pushed, but coal proponents announced yesterday that they’ve filed their first legal challenge.

  3. pp getty images 482870688

    Senate Blocks Bill to End Planned Parenthood Funding

    Their money’s safe … for now. Senate Democrats yesterday blocked a GOP effort to halt federal funding for the non-profit reproductive health provider, 53-46. But many Republicans still want Planned Parenthood defunded following controversy over undercover videos that have led to pro-life activists suggesting that the organization’s staff violated a federal ban on selling fetal tissue for profit. Planned Parenthood denies any wrongdoing, but they can expect more swipes from the right — with the left vowing to push back and the president promising to veto if necessary.

  4. sandra bland's funeral service

    Sandra Bland’s Family Files Lawsuit

    They’re calling for more accountability. Sandra Bland, a black woman, became a household name when she was found dead, apparently of suicide, in a Texas jail after being violently pulled over by a state trooper for changing lanes without signaling. Her family is seeking unspecified damages in their wrongful death suit against the trooper, the jail where she died and the local sheriff’s office. They’re saying the jail didn’t do enough to take care of Bland — and prolonging the controversy surrounding her tragic death, which has reignited the national conversation about police brutality and racism. 

  5. tom hayes getty images 482826096

    Tom Hayes Faces 14-Year Sentence for Libor Rigging

    He won’t pass go or collect $200. Instead, the former City trader is going straight to jail, having been convicted yesterday on eight counts of conspiring to manipulate Libor, London’s interbank offered rate, in a bid to make more money. The erstwhile UBS and Citigroup hotshot, 35, was convicted by a jury in the English capital and then sentenced to 14 years in prison — one of banking’s harshest sentences for an individual since the financial crisis — signaling the industry’s toughening stance on financial crime.

  6. Pakistan Executes Former Teen Convict, FDA Approves 3-D Drug

    Pakistan executes man who was convicted as a minor. (VOA)

    FDA approves first 3-D printed drug. (Forbes)

    Death toll at 7 in N.Y. Legionnaires’ disease outbreak. (USA Today)

    Jimmy Carter undergoes liver surgery. (LA Times)

    Rebels driven out of airbase in Yemen. (BBC)

    Flooding kills dozens in southern Asia. (DW)

    China seeks return of top businessman who fled to U.S. (NYT)


  1. giving getty images 511823939

    Facebook Co-Founder Gives Millions Directly to Poor

    They’re cutting out the middleman. Dustin Moskovitz and his wife Cari Tuna have gifted a whopping $25 million to GiveDirectly. The donation — which tops the charity’s entire 2014 budget — will see cash delivered directly to those who need it rather than relying on government agencies. This, they say, helps cut down on corruption and ensures that those in need control how the money is spent. Moskovitz and Tuna, among the world’s youngest billionaires, aim to help “as many people as possible as much as possible.”

  2. picky eater

    Picky Kids Are More Likely to Be Anxious Adults

    There’s a new reason to eat your broccoli. A new study of 917 preschool-age children has found that the tykes classified as very picky about their meals were nearly twice as likely to develop depression, ADHD and anxiety as their laid-back peers. A fifth of parents report having finicky eaters — often deemed “just a phase” — but with earlier studies indicating that picky adults are more likely to have psychological disorders, parents now have even more reason to get Johnny to eat his greens.

  3. moving

    Apps Seek to Disrupt the Moving Industry

    They want to be the new movers and shakers. Upstarts like Ghostruck, Dolly, Wagon and Bellhops are moving in on the relocation business, seeking to smooth out the painful experience of loading one’s stuff into boxes — or shifting big-ticket items — and delivering it to a new address. With a whole generation ensconced in cities and unable to buy homes, these apps have a ready-made business base of millennials who move … a LOT. But expansion woes and labor needs may require these firms to think outside the box.

  4. pez dispensers

    PEZ Movie Now in the Works

    Everyone’s favorite impulse buy will soon be disbursing one-liners … along with compressed pellets of sugar. The PEZ concept, notably derived from the German word PfeffErminZ, is being turned into an animated film by Envision Media Arts, and it already has producers and a writer. The studio promises “a world unique to PEZ” — perhaps a chance for sugar-brick delivery men like R2-D2 and the Minions to interact on screen — but details about the plot or release date have yet to be dispensed.

  5. Aaron Hernandez

    Prosecutor: Tipster Was in Contact With Hernandez

    Were her motives impure? The prosecutor of former Patriots star Aaron Hernandez claims that a female tipster — who called one of Hernandez’s lawyers to question the truthfulness of a juror in the murder trial — had a “sexually explicit relationship” with the defendant, one she allegedly hoped to continue even after his sentence to life without parole. The ex-NFL star’s lawyer acknowledged the woman’s contact with his client, but he still wants to question her under oath, which District Attorney William McCauley has labeled an “unwarranted fishing expedition.”