The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. Movie theater

    Shooter Kills Three, Injures Nine at Theatre

    Tragically, the firearm debate is back in the spotlight. Just hours after President Obama gave an interview last night bemoaning his lack of progress on gun reform, shots rang out at a Louisiana movie theater, killing three and injuring nine. John Russell Houser, 58, reportedly entered the Grand Theatre in Lafayette before taking aim at 100 cinemagoers — there to see the film Trainwreck— and then killing himself.There have literally been 204 mass shootings in 204 days so far this year. Authorities remain on the scene of a tragedy certain to amplify Obama’s calls for “common sense gun safety laws.” 

  2. Hillary

    Federal Officials Seek Clinton Email Probe

    She says it was a matter of convenience, but there’s nothing easy about this. Two inspectors general have asked the U.S. Justice Department for a criminal investigation into the use of Hillary Clinton’s personal email account for official business, which the former secretary of state claims saved her from having to carry two phones. They want to look at whether classified information was mishandled via the account. Attorney General Loretta Lynch must decide whether to proceed, but either way, the decision is likely to haunt the presidential hopeful’s 2016 bid.

  3. Elephant sitting steps with American flag

    U.S. Chamber of Commerce Turns on GOP

    They haven’t floated any names yet. But a nascent plan from the business group to target sitting Republican lawmakers by supporting their opponents in the primaries indicates they’re falling out of lockstep with the Republican Party. The change shows just how fed up the Chamber may be with what it sees as pockets of GOP obstructionism, and while there’s no guarantee they could unseat incumbents, 14 of 15 Chamber-backed candidates won their races last year. This may not bode ill for Republican leadership, which might welcome the opportunity to jettison some rebellious party members. 

  4. F-16

    Turkey Takes Aim, Widens Effort to Quash ISIS

    They’ve joined the fight. Turkish leaders have launched air strikes against the jihadists in Syria, using three F-16 fighter jets today in early morning attacks. They’ve also granted the U.S. permission to use two Turkish air bases for combating the militants, which should lead to more strikes and better surveillance. The moves follow Monday’s deadly attack by a suspected ISIS suicide bomber in the border town of Suruc, and signal Turkey’s long-awaited decision to begin aggressively stamping out the violence at its doorstep.

  5. malaria (155406527)

    First-Ever Malaria Vaccine Gets Green Light

    Will it be the holy grail? GlaxoSmithKline’s Mosquirix shot — in development for 28 years — has gotten a thumbs-up from the European Medicines Agency, clearing its path for WHO consideration and, potentially, its adoption throughout sub-Saharan Africa. In clinical trials, cases of the mosquito-borne disease, which plagues 200 million worldwide, were reduced by nearly half in babies aged 5-17 months. But there are questions over the treatment’s cost and long-term effectiveness, which WHO experts will debate in October before deciding.

  6. Obama-mania Hits Kenya, Earth’s ‘Big Brother’ Found

    Obama-mania hits Kenya with American president’s arrival. (CNN)

    NASA: Earth’s ‘big brother’ is just 1,400 light-years away. (FT) sub

    Threat against U.S. ambassador leads to arrest in South Korea. (AP)

    IMF encourages Japan to introduce more economic reforms. (BBC)

    Pentagon says poor testing led to Army’s live Anthrax shipments. (USA Today)

    Take a look at OZY’s weekly travel quiz. (OZY)


  1. Hulk Hogan in wrestling outfit in ring fighting

    Hulk Hogan Fired by WWE Over Racist Rant

    World Wrestling Entertainment has scrubbed all ties and references to their most famous personality after audio surfaced of Terry Bollea, aka Hulk Hogan, repeatedly using racist language. The conversation centered on his daughter’s music career and her association with African American record producers. Hogan apologized for the 2007 recording saying the comments don’t reflect his actual views on race, gender or orientation. However, his lawyer confirmed he has voluntarily left the WWE, a group he’s worked with for more than 30 years, in order to keep the organizations free from the ongoing fallout over his comments.

  2. WINDSOR, ON - MAY 8: Chemo drug, Paclitaxel drips from the bag en route to Diane's body. Diane Marley, 48 is a cancer patient at Windsor Regional Hospital. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in December. She is finishing up her chemo regimen in the next

    Doctors Speak Out Against Overpriced Drugs

    It’s a battle they can’t afford to lose. Yet American cancer patients are going broke at an alarming rate, with treatment costs so high that 20 percent of them don’t get the meds they need. For 118 oncologists behind a Mayo Clinic medical journal editorial, the cost is a national disgrace, with the bill for a year’s worth of drugs — often more than $100,000 — having risen 10 percent annually for 15 years. Allowing Canadian imports and empowering Medicare to negotiate prices are just two of the weapons they believe will give patients a fighting chance.

  3. Sauli Niinistö

    Finnish President Talks Parsnips on Radio

    They introduced him as “Sauli from Naantali.” But Finnish listeners of public radio show Nature Evening know him best as President Sauli Niinistö. Politicians there tend to be treated as normal, rather than as celebrities, but the show’s host was still surprised to hear the country’s chief executive call in to discuss the invasive spread of wild parsnips. After reflecting on the wonders of nature, many are wondering when he’ll focus his gaze on the country’s tanking finances and whether the euro is really helping Finland bloom. 

  4. coffee

    Bulletproof Coffee Gets $9 Million Jolt

    They’re betting you’ll want another cup. Trinity Ventures has given entrepreneur Dave Asprey cash to expand his line of butter and energy-rich coffee, which he claims improves brain performance, and energy-saturated FATwater. Trinity’s Gus Tai and Dan Scholnick are betting the brand will become a competitor to roast master Starbucks, and they should know — their firm was an early backer of the Seattle-based juggernaut. Asprey, energized by the infusion, is launching a new hydration product and planning to open his first coffee shop in Santa Monica.


  5. Xiaomi smartphone launch.

    Xiaomi to Deliver Phones Via Uber

    It’s not as cool as drone delivery. But the world’s most valuable tech start-up is taking sides in Asia’s rideshare wars and perhaps sparking a new marketing trend. It’s offering delivery of its new Mi Note phone to customers in Malaysia and Singapore via Uber, rather than Chinese taxi app Didi Kuaidi. Customers can hail their phone via the San Francisco-based service’s app, and an orange Xiaomi car will arrive with it minutes later. While the promotion is currently limited to Southeast Asia, it’s bound to fuel advertisers’ dreams.

  6. Dinosaur!

    ’Jurassic World 2’ Is Coming in 2018

    They’re stomping out the competition. Jurassic World, despite mediocre reviews, has become the third-highest grossing film in history, passing The Avengers and raking in $1.5 billion (and counting) worldwide. So it’s no surprise that Universal has just announced a release date for a sequel. Director Colin Trevorrow will return to co-write the next installment, though a new, yet-unnamed director will take the helm. Co-stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will return for another dance with the deadly dinos and hit the silver screen in June 2018.

  7. Clayton Kershaw

    Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw Pitches at Historic Levels 

    After hurling to perfection into the seventh inning, the three-time Cy Young winner held on to the shutout to topple the Mets 3-0 yesterday. He became the first player ever to have three straight starts without allowing a run — while striking out 10 and walking none. Kershaw has thrown 29 consecutive scoreless innings, compared to teammate Zach Greinke’s 43 and two-thirds. L.A. is unsurprisingly atop their division, but with Greinke awaiting his child’s birth, today’s pitching duties fall to rookie Ian Thomas.