The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. James Holmes

    Jury Finds James Holmes Guilty on All Counts

    It’s now a matter of life or death. After 11 weeks of testimony and nearly two days of deliberation, a Denver jury convicted Holmes on all 165 counts relating to the July 2012 movie theater shooting massacre that left 12 dead and 70 wounded. The 27-year stood — who had pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity — showed little reaction to the verdict, his hands in his pockets. Jurors mulling life in prison or the death penalty will now hear additional testimony before deciding his fate.

  2. Shooting

    Five Dead in Chattanooga Shooting

    A shooter who apparently attacked two military centers in Tennessee has been killed, police say, but not before killing four Marines and wounding an additional three people. Law enforcement officers swarmed over the site of one of the reported shootings, a navy recruitment center, where witnesses reported seeing a man with a rifle. Much of the surrounding area has been put on lockdown while police investigate the motives of the shooter, who has been identified as Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, and other specifics of the crime.

  3. Protesters march outside the Greek parliament in Athens during an anti-austerity demonstration as lawmakers voted inside to approve contested economic reforms and secure the bailout. Source: Getty

    Eurozone Agrees to Bridging Loan for Greece

    Looks like a miracle might actually happen. A parliamentary vote approved economic reforms to secure a $94 billion bailout, and Eurozone ministers agreed to a bridging loan of $9 billion to keep Greece afloat, which is expected to be confirmed by the European Commission tomorrow. Now the European Central Bank is sweeping in for Greek lenders, offering $989 million in emergency funds. Meanwhile, back in Athens, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is expected to shake up his cabinet later today in response to rebellion in his own party against the EU’s reform plan. 

  4. FIFA ethics boss

    Switzerland Extradites FIFA Official

    One is heading to court. Swiss authorities have extradited one of seven FIFA officials requested by the U.S. following May arrests in Zurich. The unnamed suspect — Cayman Islands official Jeffrey Webb reportedly waived his right to fight extradition last week — was escorted to New York yesterday. The suspect is one of 14 indicted on corruption charges linked to $150 million in bribes over the last 24 years. Webb’s lawyers haven’t responded to inquiries, but the suspect in question is expected to appear before a judge without delay, and more indictments are pending.

  5. obama

    Obama Thanks Putin for Help on Iran Deal

    The U.S. president has thanked his Russian counterpart for helping secure a historic nuclear agreement with the Islamic Republic. Though the talks were fraught with tension — and the Ukraine conflict had raised doubts about Moscow as a negotiating partner — they finally culminated in this week’s accord. Obama, who also reached out to Benjamin Netanyahu about bolstering Israel’s defenses, has urged Congress to approve the deal, which he says cuts off Tehran’s path to a nuclear bomb. Next he hopes to work with Putin on securing a Syrian peace.

  6. Pluto's smooth surface

    Pluto’s Crater-Free Surface Stuns Scientists

    Is the dwarf planet geologically active? That’s now the question on NASA’s mind after the New Horizons probe sent home unprecedented closeups of its surface, revealing icy peaks as tall as the Rockies. But what surprised scientists most was the planet’s crater-free nature. Being so close to the Kuiper Belt’s asteroids, they assumed Pluto would be marked by impact craters, but instead found “a very young surface.” Now they’re contemplating whether it was recently refreshed by ice volcanoes or another heat-generating geological event.

  7. President George H.W. Bush addresses the military personnel at the George Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas, in 2005.

    George H.W. Bush Falls, Breaks Bone in Neck

    The 41st president took a spill yesterday, ending up in the hospital, but doctors say he should be fine. Former President George H.W. Bush fell at home in Kennebunkport, Maine, breaking a bone in his neck. The 91-year-old, who suffers from vascular Parkinsonism, is reportedly in fair condition at Portland’s Maine Medical Center — home to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital. And while it’s unclear when the former commander in chief will be released, he will likely do so while wearing a neck brace.

  8. Obama Visits Federal Prison, Japan Mulls National Self-Defense

    Obama is first president to visit federal prison. (The Hill)

    Japan’s lower house of parliament approves controversial security laws. (BBC)

    U.S. intensifies airstrikes in Afghanistan, targets ISIS. (NYT)

    Flash floods kill four in Midwest. (Reuters)

    WHO: Ebola still lurking, killing in Liberia. (NBC)

    French authorities thwart attacks on military facilities. (France24)

    Emmy nominations announced; Game of Thrones leads. (USA Today)



  1. Josh Smith

    Josh Smith Leaves Houston to Join Clippers

    Mr. Smith is going to Los Angeles. The trigger-happy small forward jumped ship from the Houston Rockets after just 55 games, reportedly signing a veteran’s minimum salary. Ironically, it was Smith’s contributions that helped Houston stage a dramatic comeback after falling behind 3 games to 1 to bounce the Clippers from last year’s conference semifinals. It’s been a dramatic but potent off-season for Los Angeles, who re-signed center DeAndre Jordan and netted Paul Pierce to piece together a group of championship worthy contenders.

  2. Caitlyn Jenner

    Caitlyn Jenner Receives ESPY for Bravery

    Accept people for who they are. That was the transgender icon’s message last night as she accepted ESPN’s Arthur Ashe Courage Award. In an accompanying video, Jenner — who joined previous recipients like Muhammad Ali and Billie Jean King — revealed how the emotional hardship of her journey had made her contemplate suicide. The former Olympic champ said that while she can take public taunts about her transition, transgender youth shouldn’t have to, and she plans to use her public platform to “reshape … how transgender people are viewed and treated.”

  3. The Duggars

    TLC Drops Duggars in Favor of New Documentary

    19 Kids and Counting is no more, the network says. The move follows a May suspension of the series brought after 12-year-old allegations surfaced that son Josh Duggar, now 27, molested five girls. Now the network will produce a documentary about child protection, particularly familial abuse, which will feature two of the Duggars’ daughters. Working in combination with non-profit organizations dedicated to preventing child sexual abuse, TLC hopes to share stories of survivors and their families in a multi-platform campaign. 


  4. Viola Davis

    Emmy Nods to ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Thrones’

    Are the Emmys learning a little bit from the Oscars? The nominations say “maybe.” Actors of color actually got some recognition — an improvement from the Academy Awards earlier this year — with nods for Anthony Anderson and Viola Davis. But despite some new twists, like an extra nominee in the Best Drama category, the list was more of the same: Mad Men, Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones got their usual recognition while critically-acclaimed shows like The Americans got left in the cold. Now we’ve got until the September 20th show to argue about who will win. 

  5. A winged raptor fossil

    New Winged Dinosaur Discovered in China

    This is so much better than Jurassic World. The missing link between birds and dinosaurs is a moving target, but scientists in northeastern China have discovered Zhenyuanlong, a five-foot long dromeosaur thought to be one of the last bird-like dinosaurs before dinosaurs actually became birds. The specimen has large, well-preserved wings — but it’s not clear what they were for, since the beast was too big to fly. Scientists are hoping the new dino will shed light on just why dinosaurs evolved wings in the first place. 

  6. Uber App

    Uber Faces $7.3 Million Fine for Non-Disclosure

    It’s on a bumpy ride. A California judge has slapped the rideshare giant with the whopping fine for failing to comply with the Public Utilities Commission’s mandatory reporting requirements. The regulators sought information about Uber’s business practices, including data on accidents and demand for accessible vehicles. It’s been a costly week for the San Francisco-based startup, having settled a wrongful death lawsuit for an undisclosed amount. It now has 30 days to pay this latest fine or risk losing its license, but Uber says it plans to appeal.

  7. Chromosomes, artwork.

    Science Links DNA to Major Depressive Disorder

    We suspected it ran in the family, but now there’s proof, with researchers linking DNA variations to major depressive disorder for the first time. Investigating the genomes of more than 5,000 Han Chinese women with clinical depression — which may affect 10 percent of people at some point in their lives — scientists pinpointed two genetic variants on chromosome 10 that they believe are linked to depression. Their role is minimal, but with biological markers, researchers hope they’ll soon be able to better target drugs for treatment.

  8. Bill Cosby looking pensive.

    Obama: I Can’t Rescind Bill Cosby’s Medal

    He won’t be getting a presidential pardon. Drugging someone you intend to have sex with — something Cosby admitted to in a recently revealed court deposition — is unequivocally rape, President Obama says, noting that the U.S. should have “no tolerance” for such actions. He added that there’s no mechanism for stripping the comic of his 13-year-old Presidential Medal of Freedom, an honor many would like to see revoked. But that hasn’t stopped two senators from calling on Cosby to return it voluntarily.

  9. Dez Bryant

    Cowboys Sign Dez Bryant to $70M Contract

    The two-time Pro Bowler had refused to attend training camp until he had a new contract, but now he has reason to suit up. His five-year deal makes Bryant the second-highest paid wide receiver and includes a $20 million signing bonus, all thanks to high-stakes talks featuring hip-hop star Jay Z, whose Roc Nation firm represents the 26-year-old Texan. Bryant smiled all the way to the team’s training facility yesterday, noting that “the only thing that’s missing is a Super Bowl.”