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    Rich Countries Recommitted to Saving Lives

    Just this month, donors met in Washington, D.C., to renew their funding commitments to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. I was there, and I got to meet Connie Mudenda, a Zambian woman living with HIV who started her treatment in 2004 thanks to the Global Fund. The medicine she takes costs just 40 cents a day, and it helped her get healthy, go back to work and support her family. Connie says that a decade ago, she’d often see people who were so sick with AIDS that they couldn’t even walk. A family member would push them down the street in a wheelbarrow. Today, 80 percent of Zambians with HIV have access to treatment, the country’s economy is growing and, Connie says, the wheelbarrows have vanished. There’s a terrible catch-22 in global health: You need new tools to fight diseases, but if you can’t pay to deliver them, they don’t get made; if they don’t get made, then no one gives money to deliver them. So it’s fantastic that donors are stepping up to avoid this problem by making big commitments to the Global Fund. Here’s a handy infographic that shows what a massive impact the fund has had.

    Source: The Global Fund

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