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    The Poverty Rate Went Down — Again

    If you want to read just one article that explains the state of the world’s poor and the future of the fight against poverty, check out “Not Always With Us,” which the Economist ran in June. It gives a short but thorough overview of the progress so far — the poverty rate has dropped by half since 1990 — and the prospects for keeping it going. As the article says, the biggest factor in reducing poverty over the past few decades has been economic growth — growth that touches not just those who are already rich but a broad range of people. We’ll need to maintain this growth in the coming decades to keep the poverty numbers coming down. That’s one reason I argue for stepping up our investments on health: Health may not cause growth directly, but it does help lay the foundation for it. I never miss an issue of the Economist, and this might be the best piece they ran this year.

    Source: The Economist

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