The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. Carlos Watson Looks Back on OZY’s First Year

    OZY’s first full year was an eventful one. From building a stunning, high-quality, daily digital magazine to welcoming new partners, investors, team members and millions of readers, OZY went from a bold idea to proof that news can be edgy and educational, informative and inspiring, all at the same time. In today’s special PDB, we’re sharing our proudest moments of 2014.

  2. Thought Leaders Share Insights With OZY

    From Bill Gates’ big idea on Ebola to former director of the CIA John McLaughlin’s frequent columns on national security, OZY has brought you insights from some of the world’s smartest, most influential thinkers. Beyond our regulars, OZY readers heard from the Dalai Lama, Condoleezza Rice, Janet Napolitano, Grover Norquist and Jim Messina in 2014. And recently, the director of the McKinsey Global Institute, James Manyika, who hears some of the most innovative proposals on the planet, weighed in on the year’s wildest ideas.

  3. OZY Offers Ahead-of-the-Curve, Global Coverage

    OZY covered stories from nearly 100 countries, from Myanmar’s stock market to Ireland’s foodie triangle. Delivering on our promise to bring you “the New and the Next,” OZY has profiled everyone from the 12-year-old inventor of a low-cost braille printer to the next Oprah (21-year-old performer Keke Palmer) months ahead of mainstream publications like The New York TimesThe Economist and The Guardian. According to our internal tracking, OZY beat such mainstream publications on over 150 stories, offering coverage that bested competitors by, on average, more than three months.

  4. Visitors Exceed Traffic Expectations

    At the start of 2014, we set out to attract over 1 million visitors each month to OZY’s website by the end of the year. By November, we were regularly reaching over 20 million people each month, including more than 7 million monthly unique visitors to our site. To put that in perspective, POLITICO says it receives between 4 and 5 million unique visitors most months, and around 10 million on average visit OZY now sends more than 200,000 daily newsletters to inboxes across the globe, and over 180,000 people follow OZY’s feed on Facebook.


  1. OZY Forges Potent Partnerships

    You may have heard OZY on NPR’s All Things Considered or seen us on television on CNN’s New Day. Those are just a couple of the places that OZY’s reporters, stories and videos appeared this year, and our many great partners now also include the likes of USA Today, Huffington Post, PBS NewsHour and The Atlantic. This past October, we announced that we were expanding our partnership with the innovative German media company Axel Springer, publisher of Die Welt and Bild, to bring OZY to more people and in more languages across the world. 

  2. OZY Attracts Good Press, Addicted Readers

    We’ve been fortunate to have some very positive press this year, including profiles in The New York Times, Financial Times, Bloomberg, Ad Age and The Wall Street Journal. But what means even more is hearing what our readers all over the world are enjoying about OZY. Michelle Peluso, CEO of Gilt Groupe, told us, “I’ve been addicted to my morning dose of OZY since you launched,” while former VIBE Managing Editor, Tracey Ford, said she’s got OZY open in her browser all day because we realize “that people are bored with how most sites deliver news.” Perhaps one of the best notes we received was from Paloma Tamminga, a project coordinator at 2U, who said, “OZY gives me a sense of progress … I have finally found a ‘paper’ I want to read every morning.”

  3. What’s Next for 2015?

    We’re looking forward to bringing you even more new features, events and diversions in the next year, including our first-ever global event: OZY Fest (coming this July to Central Park). We’ll also be introducing a new suite of mobile apps along with scores of new video features and expanded business, sports, travel and fashion coverage.