The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. Six Guantanamo Prisoners Released

    Go to Uruguay: Do not pass your native Syria, Palestine or Tunisia. That was the card dealt to six Guantanamo Bay detainees — suspected but never charged with links to al-Qaida — after 12 years in Cuba. The inmates are the first to be released to a South American country for resettlement, but 136 of their associates remain imprisoned. U.S. officials thanked Uruguayan leadership for accepting the men on humanitarian grounds in the latest signal of a push by President Obama to close the controversial detention center.

    BBC, USA Today

  2. Syria: Israeli Jets Hit Targets Near Damascus, Deadly Typhoon Lashes Philippines

    Israeli warplanes ’strike targets near Syrian capital.’ (Jerusalem Post)

    Typhoon slams into the Philippines, killing at least three. (The Guardian)

    Civil rights protests continue across U.S., turn violent in California. (AP)

    U.S. was ‘unaware’ of second hostage’s presence before Yemen raid. (BBC)

    North Korea denies cyber attack on Sony in retaliation for Seth Rogen flick. (ITV)

    Republicans win 54th Senate seat in Louisiana runoff. (USA Today)

    Missing student’s remains in Mexican trash dump identified. (LA Times)

    Iran court levels charges against ’Washington Post’ reporter. (Al Jazeera)