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  1. U.S. Voters Heading to the Polls in Key State Elections

    Off-year election days tend to be quiet with low turnout, but a few big votes have national import as U.S. voters (or at least some of them) head to the polls. Colorado wants $1 billion for education in what has been called one of the most “sweeping education overhauls in the country.” Disparate issues from the NRA to the Clintons’ return to the stump have turned Virginia’s governor’s race into a must-watch. And Republican Chris Christie is considered such a shoe-in for re-election as New Jersey’s governor, and Democrat Bill de Blasio for succeeding Michael Bloomberg as mayor of New York City, that pundits are already looking at the big questions about what happens when, not if, those two are elected. 

    Sources: AP, CNN, NYT, Politico

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