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  1. You’ve probably heard of Jack Ma. Now meet Pony Ma. The CEO of Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings — whose real name is Ma Huateng — has overtaken the Alibaba founder as China’s richest man. How rich? $50 billion. Tencent is China’s largest game developer, and that’s one industry that’s booming amid lockdowns.

  2. María Antonieta Alva is leading one of the world’s boldest post-coronavirus economic recovery plans. Peru’s 35-year-old Harvard-trained finance minister has committed 12 percent of the country’s GDP to that effort — from deferrals on electricity and water payments to direct cash transfers to poor families. All while in neighboring Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro was dismissing the crisis as “sniffles.”

  3. Australian economist Steve Keen wants central banks to print more notes — not to help the rich park more money in existing assets but to wipe out all debt. A leading proponent of the debt relief approach, Keen once walked 125 miles after losing a bet — but used his hike to raise money for a charity that works with homeless people.

make a splash at your fourth of july barbecue

  1. Buy your Reset America gear from the OZY Store now to get it in time for the Fourth of July and show a new kind of patriotism — one that meets the moment. All profits go to the racial justice organization of your choice, so now you can do good while looking good. Get it today.

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    make a splash at your fourth of july barbecue

color coded


  1. If you haven't watched it already, be sure to stream the latest episode of Defining Moments With OZY this Pride Month, featuring Jason Collins, the first active male athlete in one of the four major U.S. sports leagues to come out as gay — available on Hulu. And if you have watched it already, be sure to catch an exclusive conversation with Jason at Pride Fest, a free virtual festival from Hulu, on Sunday, July 28.


love lullabies

  1. I’m honestly not a Khalid fan (he’s more pop than soulful to me) and I visited this tune for Summer Walker. But the two couldn’t have melded their tones any better. This is a song you sing in front of the mirror as you get ready to show the person who didn’t appreciate you what they’re missing.

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