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the hard stuff

  1. Prosecutors have charged the Atlanta police officer who killed 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks last Friday with murder, detailing how Garrett Rolfe kicked Brooks as he lay on the ground after shooting him in the back and declaring, “I got him.” A second officer, Devin Brosnan, who stepped on Brooks’ shoulder, has been charged with aggravated assault. Change in the air? We’ll see.

  2. That’s how obstruction of justice at the White House is described in a new book by former national security adviser John Bolton, who also writes that President Donald Trump sought deals — including from China — to aid his reelection. Trump’s calling Bolton “a liar,” but his veracity may be borne out by the Justice Department’s effort to block sales of The Room Where it Happened on national security grounds.

live and let spy

  1. Spies are hard to find. But OZY merchandise isn’t. Visit the OZY Store and pick out a T-shirt, hat, backpack or stickers. If it’s branded with Reset America, all profits go to one of three civil rights groups you choose.

    We’ve seen our share of heroes and villains in recent days. But how many can claim to have saved an entire species? Diego can!

golden oldies

  1. Got a favorite classic? Click below to share. Maybe we can watch it together sometime?

    It’s great to reminisce about good times. But for millions around the world, these are nightmarish weeks, with the recession stealing jobs and sapping wealth. Some countries, though, might be better suited to weather the storm.

bounce-back economies

ideas lab

  1. The 37-year-old Russian was ranked among the 25 top young economists last year by the IMF, and is already a leading thinker on macroeconomics and globalization. His ideas could shape the future of global trade.

  2. The Stanford doctor is driving cutting-edge research in urological oncology, while also treating prostate cancer patients. If and when the world finds a cure to urological cancers, chances are she’ll be behind it.

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