The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. Kids Exposed to U.S. Ebola Patient

    Five Texas schoolchildren are being monitored for Ebola symptoms after exposure to the first patient diagnosed on U.S. soil. Sadly, the risk was avoidable. Hospital staff in Dallas reportedly didn’t communicate with each other, releasing the patient to walk the streets for two days until a concerned relative contacted the CDC. Thomas Eric Duncan, 42, told hospital staff he had come from West Africa, where Ebola has killed 3,300. But that detail slipped through the cracks, putting others at risk. 

    NBC, NYTReuters, WSJ

  2. Secret Service Director Quits Over Breaches

    Luckily, the bullet she took was figurative. Just a day after brutal congressional questioning about multiple lapses in presidential security, Secret Service Director Julia Pierson has resigned. Her exit followed a White House invasion by a knife-wielding veteran, the extent of which was downplayed — or covered up — in statements immediately following the incident. Joseph Clancy, a former Secret Service agent with Obama’s confidence, will fill in as director while legislators coordinate an independent inquiry.

    NYTThe Guardian

  3. China Warns Activists, Tells U.S. Not to Meddle

    They’ve all been warned. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has told activists that Hong Kong pro-democracy protests are “illegal.” And after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry urged restraint, Wang told American leaders to butt out of China’s “internal affairs.” Demonstrators, meanwhile, are showing no signs of heading home, and they’ve issued an ultimatum for the resignation of city Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying. They’ve even threatened to occupy government buildings, sparking fears that cries for freedom will lead to a violent crackdown.

    BBCThe Guardian

  4. $23.5 Billion Exits Bond Fund With Bill Gross

    Just five days after its superstar’s departure, Pacific Investment Management Co. announced that it lost 10 percent of its assets last month as spooked investors withdrew $23.5 billion from the firm’s flagship bond fund. Gross’ departure has allowed smaller competitors to chip away at Pimco’s dominance as the world’s largest bond investment firm. The record outflow has fueled schadenfreude among other investment funds, with one picking up nearly $800 million in three days.

    FT (sub), WSJ


  1. Breast Video Goes Viral With Eyeful

    It’s time to take a look. The Bra Cam — unleashed on London streets to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month — catches men and women copping glances, and not-so-secret stares, at actress Eloise Oliver’s bright pink bra and conspicuous cleavage. In a minute and 18 seconds of footage, some 30 strangers lay their eyes on her goods. “Your breasts are checked out every day,” quips the video. “So, when was the last time you checked your own?”


  2. Vigilantes Battle Cartels With DIY Tanks in Mexico

    They’re fighting back Mad Max -style. Vigilantes are taking on Mexican drug cartels with home-built armored vehicles. Federal soldiers who defected to the Zetas cartel started the armor race, with customized steel-clad “monstro” trucks that can withstand machine-gun fire. Now, vigilantes in Michoacan — part of a growing force of government-deputized militias — are battling Knights Templar drug gangs in their own monstros outfitted with gun turrets and battering rams. If only civilians had a Road Warrior to hide behind.

    Global Post

  3. The Most Feared Man on the Internet

    Jimmy Kimmel: the Web’s most dangerous celebrity. His very name should strike terror in the hearts of online celeb-hunters. Searches for the fearsome funnyman have a 19 percent chance of netting risky sites rife with spyware, viruses and phishing ploys, according to anti-virus software giant McAfee. The NYC native was surprised by his newfound infamy, saying he couldn’t believe that a kid who played clarinet and carried a briefcase to junior high could grow up to be so nefarious.


  4. Giants Pitcher Ends Pirates’ Season With Shutout 

    San Francisco shortstop Brandon Crawford knocked in a grand slam to take a 4-0 lead in the fourth inning of yesterday’s NL wildcard playoff against Pittsburgh. That would have been enough to help 25-year-old pitching phenom Madison Bumgarner make the Pirates walk the plank. Lefty MadBum hurled the entire game, with 10 strikeouts in 109 pitches. The Giants added four more runs before spraying champagne and strategizing for the white-hot Nationals on Friday.

    San Francisco Chronicle, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette