The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. Dutch Pay Tribute to MH17 Crash Victims

    The first 40 crash victims of the downed Malaysia flight to arrive back in the Netherlands were honored with a somber ceremony. A pro-Russian rebel leader has admitted that separatists possessed the missile system suspected in the downing of the plane while another has denied it. Just days after the crash, the skies over Ukraine remain tense: Two Ukrainian fighter jets were shot down, reflecting the separatists’ intention of continuing the fight, no matter the cost.


  2. Arizona Execution Lasts Two Hours

    Murderer Joseph Wood’s execution by lethal injection in Arizona last night should’ve taken 15 minutes. It lasted two hours. Just months after a botched Oklahoma execution, witnesses said Wood gasped and snorted for over an hour and a half; another said he was simply snoring. Relatives of Wood’s victims were unconcerned, with one inquiring: “Why didn’t we give him Drano?” Gov. Jan Brewer said Wood “died in a lawful manner” but has ordered a review in a case that is sure to whip up death penalty debates nationwide.

    NYTWashington Post

  3. Facebook Far Outpaces Expectations

    Mark Zuckerberg has reason to be smug. The social media giant zoomed past critics’ expectations to more than double its quarterly earnings thanks to a boom in mobile ads. The company reported second-quarter revenue of $2.9 billion, up 61 percent from last year, and mobile advertising grew 151 percent. It now has 1.32 billion monthly users — nearly China’s population — and shares that have climbed over 30 percent this year enjoyed a five percent bump in after-hours trading. 

    FT (sub), ReutersUSA Today

  4. FAA Lifts Restrictions on Tel Aviv-Bound Flights

    Controversial U.S. restrictions on flights to and from Tel Aviv were lifted last night in a sudden switch, despite continued fighting in Gaza. The FAA barred flights Tuesday after a rocket landed near Ben Gurion Airport, but critics like former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg called it a mistake to shut down flights to the “most secure airport on Earth” because of terrorism elsewhere. An assessment of the “security situation” led to the change, and the flights are now set to resume.

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  1. Indian Teen Has 232 Teeth Removed

    A 17-year-old Indian boy had the record-breaking number of teeth removed after a rare condition caused a profusion of dental growths in his mouth. Ashik Gavai had been complaining of swellings in his gums for months, but it was only after visiting a dentist in Mumbai that he was diagnosed. The previous record was 37 teeth, so Ashik’s dentist was “thrilled to get such an exciting case.” The seven-hour operation left Ashik with 28 teeth and a lot more reason to smile.


  2. Islamic State Runs Bus Tours of New Caliphate

    Looking for a unique honeymoon? Try what some Islamists are doing and take your new spouse on a bus tour of Islamic State’s newly declared caliphate. The militants run twice-weekly, money-making tours under the group’s black flag, complete with bodyguards and jihadist songs, from Syria’s Raqqa to Iraq’s Anbar. Passengers — most of whom are foreign jihadists — can hop on and off as they like. But they can’t sit where they like: Women at the back, men in front.


  3. Dogs Feel Jealous of Other Pets

    What does your dog think when you pet another animal? “That bites!” Your pet can suffer from human-like jealousy, says a new study. When owners played with stuffed toys resembling other dogs, the emotion reared its ugly head, with some canines growling and forcing their way between the owner and toy. But science can only speculate as to how Princess will respond if she ever catches you buying another pet a gift, such as an “on demand” ball launcher or other luxury item from a booming pet industry.

    The GuardianNYT

  4. Jon Stewart Wants Your Help to Buy CNN

    Rupert Murdoch’s failed bid to buy Time Warner and CNN for $80 billion got Comedy Central’s funnyman thinking. “That’s a lot of money for anyone, but not a lot of money for everyone,” Stewart told viewers, launching his parody Kickstarter campaign to buy the news network. “Let’s buy it and do something with it,” Stewart said. “We’re not sure what yet” … maybe “poop jokes.” isn’t really collecting funds, but it’s certainly giving Murdoch a run for his money.

    Comedy Central

  5. Poppy Seed Feed Blamed for Drugs in Queen’s Steed

    Queen Elizabeth II’s horse, Estimate, tested positive for morphine after finishing second in this year’s Royal Ascot Gold Cup race. Why? Not because it was doping, but because its feed appears to have been contaminated with poppy seed, the feed supply company says. It’s unlikely the British Horseracing Authority will be lenient, despite the lofty connections. Short of a royal pardon, Her Majesty will likely have to forfeit $136,000 in winnings. 

    The TelegraphMelbourne Herald Sun