The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. Rejecting Unity Government Raises Sunni Ire

    ISIS militants are sweeping through Iraq with the help of local Sunni citizens as Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki continues to ignore U.S. pressure to form a new Sunni-friendly government. Iraqi troops now represent a massive Shiite militia fronting an administration where Sunnis are marginalized, says a local Sunni sheik. Sunnis want Maliki out, and they appear happy to side with the militants to make it happen. Their plan? To deal with ISIS later.


  2. Supreme Court Boosts Digital Privacy

    Facing arrest while holding a cell phone with evidence of crimes or signs of an affair? Don’t despair, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled yesterday that police cannot search cell phones without a warrant. Chief Justice John Roberts flexed his tech-savvy muscles, noting that a person’s phone can be more revealing than a house search. He admitted the decision would impact law enforcement efforts, referring to thousands of cases involving warrant-less searches, but said: “Privacy comes at a cost.” The price? More paperwork.

    The Atlantic

  3. House Speaker Threatens to Sue Obama

    John Boehner says he will introduce legislation allowing the U.S. House to sue President Obama over the “unconstitutional overreach” of his executive actions. Obama has used his executive authority more frequently in his second term to address everything from carbon emissions to immigration. The speaker insists the move is not a prelude to impeachment, but the last time the GOP targeted the excesses of a Democratic president midway through his second term, they lost five seats in the House to Bill Clinton in 1998.


  4. Could West Africa’s Ebola Spread?

    It’s unlikely, but if the deadly West African Ebola outbreak spreads to Europe, researchers say it will probably strike Paris first. Conakry, Guinea, lies at the heart of the health crisis, and it’s home to one million people and an international airport. Ten percent of the airport’s traffic goes to Paris, and the virus can remain dormant for up to 21 days. The death toll hit 338 this week, but scientists say the hemorrhagic virus is not easily transmittable. Europeans can rest easy, at least for now.


  5. Hunt for Missing Malaysian Plane Moves South, NY Prosecutors Sue Barclays 

    New search area announced in hunt for missing Malaysian plane. (BBC)

    New York prosecutors sue Barclays for ‘dark pool’ fraud. (DW)

    U.S. Supreme Court rules Aereo violates broadcasters’ copyrights. (NYT)

    UK bid to block Juncker for EC presidency set to fail. (The Guardian)

    Federal appeals court rules against Utah ban on same-sex marriage. (LA Times)


  1. Singer Offers Virginity for Kidnapped Teens

    Boko Haram likes courting virgins, so Nigerian singer Adokiye has propositioned them. The Christian Afro-Fusion pop star, 23, proposed the Muslim militants take her virginity in exchange for the return of 200 teenage girls they kidnapped in April. “I don’t care. Just release these girls,” she said, drawing criticism from those who saw it as attention seeking. But it didn’t stop the militants from apparently kidnapping 60 more girls yesterday.

    Global PostNYDN

  2. Older Mamas Tend to Live Longer

    Putting off family life has its perks. Women who have children after the age of 33 — without the aid of fertility treatments or drugs — have genes making longevity more likely, researchers have found. Females doubled their odds of living to 95 if they had their last child after the age of 33. Childbearing genes likely play a key role in slowing the aging process and decreasing the risk of disease, the lead researcher said.

    WPBoston Globe

  3. Mensa Helps Geniuses Find Love

    Are you smart enough to date online? If you want to join the exclusive dating community being launched by and Mensa, a high-IQ membership organization, then first you’ll need to win the affections of Mensa’s famous IQ test. Those of us being crowded into the shallow end of the online dating (and gene) pool as a result of the influx of geniuses can take comfort in the fact that spending more time online probably makes you dumber.

    USA Today

  4. Film Prompts North Korean Threats

    Warning to Seth Rogen: Taunting oppressive dictators is bad for your health. Pyongyang authorities gave the actor’s upcoming film, The Interview, a big thumbs down, labeling it “terrorism.” Rogen and James Franco play talk show hosts recruited by the CIA to assassinate Kim Jong-un in the film, which North Korean authorities said will be met with “merciless” retaliation. One official said Kim intends to watch the film, prompting Rogen to quip on Twitter: “I hope he likes it!”


  5. Lincecum No-Hits Padres Once Again

    If you thought “The Freak” was dead, think again. San Francisco Giants right-hander Tim Lincecum lived up to his moniker yesterday, striking out six, walking one, and giving up zero hits against the San Diego Padres in a 4-0 win. Last July, he used 148 pitches to hold San Diego hitless. The Cy Young Award winner, who debuted strong in 2007 but slowed in recent years, is the 29th player to ever throw two or more no-hitters.

    SFGateUSA Today