The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. Joe Biden Promises U.S. Support to Ukraine as Tensions Flare

    The U.S. vice president is meeting with officials in Kiev today to discuss Ukraine’s upcoming elections. He vowed Washington’s support and urged Ukrainian leaders to “fight the cancer of corruption” in their government. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, meanwhile, has urged Russia’s foreign minister to implement the terms of the Geneva deal in a bid to bring calm to the region. Both diplomatic measures come as Ukraine and Russia continue to squabble over who was responsible for Sunday’s deadly shootout at a checkpoint manned by pro-Russian separatists. Funerals are set to take place today for three men killed in the shootout. 

    Sources: BBCDW

  2. Manchester United Fires Manager David Moyes

    Just 10 months after taking over from Sir Alex Ferguson — who ran the club for 26 years — Moyes has been sacked. There had been speculation over such a move because the soccer club is in seventh place in the Premier League, which it dominated last season. The team has also failed to qualify for the Champions League competition for the first time in 19 years. The club thanked Moyes — who left Everton for a six-year contract at Old Trafford — for his efforts. Veteran player Ryan Giggs is expected to take the helm for the rest of the season.

    Sources: BBCUSA Today

  3. U.S. Teen Stowaway Survives Flight in Wheel Well

    A runaway miraculously survived a trip from California to Hawaii curled up in the wheel well of a jet, but his trip gave officials heart palpitations over security breaches. The boy, 16, was unconscious throughout most of the flight from San Jose with little oxygen and temperatures as low as 80 degrees below zero. Cameras show that the teen walked through the airport and hopped a fence to get to the plane, which has launched a security investigation. The stowaway, who was given a medical check-up before being handed over to child protective services, isn’t likely to face charges.

    Sources: LA TimesNBCWashington Post

  4. Court Orders White House to Reveal Legal Basis for Killer Drones

    The Obama administration must disclose the legal rationale for targeting Americans with drones, such as the death of U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki in 2011, a federal appeals court has ruled. “Targeted killing” operations were launched by George W. Bush and expanded to include Americans by President Obama, whose administration argued that the program’s legal basis is a national security secret. But the court ruled that once officials called the attacks lawful they waived the right to a secrecy argument. The U.S. Justice Department has not yet commented on the ruling.

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  1. Russian, U.S. Dolphins May Go Flipper-to-Flipper in Black Sea

    American and Russian military dolphins could face off in the Black Sea this summer. Twenty U.S. dolphins and sea lions will be flown over in a special bath. The dolphins will conduct ”NATO exercises” and test a new anti-radar system while the sea lions learn how to look out for mines and divers. Russia, the only other nation with “militarized” dolphins, may also put their sea soldiers through their paces in the Black Sea as they revamp their Sevastopol training center. Perhaps the dolphins will put their noses together in the name of peace.

    Sources: The WireRussia Today

  2. Future U.S. Marathons Will Have Eyes in the Sky

    Get ready for a new participant in city marathons: Drones. Security concerns make use of drones a foregone conclusion, experts say, because the machines can be particularly useful at monitoring massive, impenetrable crowds. Some 4,000 cops and 100 police dogs lined the course of yesterday’s Boston Marathon, and helicopters hovered overhead in a bid to thwart violence like last year’s bombing. While there were no drones in Boston this year, there’s been speculation that New York City officials are looking to deploy them for its annual marathon.

    Sources: QuartzCNN

  3. Netflix Profits Lead to Higher Prices

    The on-demand Internet streaming giant has beaten market expectations in profits and is now set to raise its prices. On Monday, Netflix announced its membership has grown to 48 million, with a net profit of $53 million, or 86 cents per share, which beat analysts’ estimates of 83 cents. The company also revealed plans to increase new member subscription fees by one or two dollars, with existing subscriber fees remaining unchanged, at least for now. The increase aims to combat “subscriber churn,” where some users open and cancel accounts without facing additional costs.

    Source: USA Today

  4. ‘50 Shades’ Star Fears Being Typecast

    Actor and model Jamie Dornan has had an extraordinarily successful year, but his priority now is “to stop tying women up.” The 31-year-old model-turned-actor is currently filming a second series of the BBC’s The Fall, in which he plays a serial killer who ties up his victims. He is also the lead in the big-screen adaptation of E.L. James’s erotic romance Fifty Shades of Grey. The hotly anticipated film is due out early next year. Dornan appreciates his success, but the nice boy from Belfast is hoping his next role won’t involve tethering women to beds.

    Source: The Guardian

  5. Memphis Grizzlies Shrug off OKC in Overtime Thriller

    The Grizzlies would have been forgiven for wilting under the pressure of last night’s NBA action. Playing title contenders Oklahoma City Thunder in front of a hostile crowd, the seventh-seed Grizzlies watched OKC star Kevin Durant convert a circus shot before the Thunder hit a game-tying prayer as time expired. Most teams would be devastated, but Memphis, known for their physical, gritty style of play, opened overtime with a 4-0 run and never let up, winning 111-105. With the series tied at one apiece, the teams will meet next in Memphis.

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