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  1. Starbucks Weighs into the Political Fray

    Could Starbucks nation become a political power? The coffee purveyor has published advertisements in leading U.S. newspapers calling for the nation to “come together,” and is encouraging customers to tear them out, sign them, and bring them into stores this weekend so company representatives can forward a “mega petition” to Washington. CEO Howard Schultz wants to see customers demand that officials reopen the government, pay national debts on time, and pass a long-term budget by year’s end. With its ethically sourced coffee, green stores, and now public activism, Starbucks’s petition is more than a slick marketing campaign. But, as OZY asks, what does it say about the state of corporations or citizenship in America when Starbucks is becoming the model corporate citizen?

    Source: USA Today, WSJ (sub)

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