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  1. Favorite for Nobel Peace Prize Remains a Taliban Target

    It’s been only a year since Malala Yousafzai was shot by the Taliban on her way home from school and became an international icon. Her new memoir “I Am Malala” is being launched to coincide with the anniversary, and as OZY explains, the smart money is on the 16 year-old to win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, to be announced on Friday. Apart from doing well in school, Malala’s primary goal is to return to Pakistan and enter political life, forming her own party if necessary. Despite her impeccable composure and abundant commitment, Malala’s story is a tragedy of lost youth. The Yousafzai family have been forced into exile by Taliban threats, and just yesterday, a representative of the Pakistani Taliban confirmed that they would kill Malala if given the chance.

    Sources: The Guardian, Al Jazeera

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