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  1. Justice Scalia Weighs in on Satan, Seinfeld and Sin

    Many anticipate major cases on abortion and campaign finance to dominate the new U.S. Supreme Court term, but Antonin Scalia, the Court’s most colorful and outspoken justice, covered different ground in a recent New York Magazine interview. From the serious (modern society is too profane, the Devil is quite real) to the lighthearted (he quotes the Soup Nazi from his favorite television show, Seinfeld), Scalia shows why he is simultaneously idolized and despised by court-watchers around the world. And though the proponent of “originalist” jurisprudence claims he doesn’t care about being regarded as “on the losing side of everything, an old fogey,” Scalia does make sure you know one thing about him: he is absolutely, positively, never wrong.

    Source: New York Magazine

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