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  1. From Ministers to Truckers, the World Reacts to D.C.’s Dysfunction

    Stock prices have fallen across Europe and Asia as the chatter about the U.S. defaulting on its debts grows louder. Singapore’s prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong, chided the U.S. government for the self-inflicted “game of chicken,” while the Chinese finance minister, Zhu Guangyao, publicly called on the U.S. to protect Chinese investments by resolving its internal disputes. In Washington, a resolution remains elusive, with one Republican congressman explaining, “look, we’re not French. We don’t surrender.” One group that is making progress in D.C. is “Truckers for the Constitution,” which is planning to clog the inner loop of the city’s beltway starting Friday to demand Obama’s impeachment and the arrest of members of congress for shirking their constitutional duties. If effective, the truckers may get their message across but will likely only add further to the gridlock in D.C.

    Sources: NYT, CNN, US News

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