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  1. Controversial Billionaire Provides $10 Million to Prop Up U.S. Preschool Program

    Something has gone horribly awry when one of the government’s most effective educational programs for low-income kids has to be propped up by a private foundation started by a former Enron trader, but that’s precisely how Head Start has avoided shutting its doors. The Houston-based John and Laura Arnold Foundation, founded by a hedge fund billionaire and former Enron executive, pledged $10 million to ensure cash-strapped Head Start preschool programs across the U.S. can keep running. Arnold’s generosity, and the accompanying good press, come at a good time for the billionaire, who — after years of trying to outrun Enron’s dark shadow — has come under fire lately for attempting to ”loot” public worker pension plans in California and Rhode Island.

    Sources: The Atlantic, Washington Post

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