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  1. The Big Picture

    Nearly 800,000 worldwide have tested positive for coronavirus, and 33,000 are dead. Infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci says cases in the U.S. could reach into the millions with more than 100,000 dying — but these numbers are moving targets dependent upon isolation measures.

  2. Is Sweden Botching It?

    While much of the world has shut down schools, bars and restaurants, Sweden has remained open for business. The country’s chief epidemiologist, Anders Tegnell, believes the virus has already spread too far within Sweden and that closures won’t help. The goal is to rely on citizen-led social distancing to make sure the virus spreads slowly enough so as not to overwhelm Sweden’s excellent health care services — a big bet that many other experts are not willing to make.

    Is Sweden Botching It?

    coronavirus central
  3. Dad Locks ’Spring Breaker’ Son Out of House

    Father knows best. Peter Levine, 52, in a bid to protect himself and the elderly family members living with him, refused to let his son Matt into the family home after the college student returned home from a mid-March spring break in Texas. Peter had told Matt he didn’t think partying in groups along the coast was a good idea, and he’s now sent Matt packing with some groceries and cash.

    Dad Locks ’Spring Breaker’

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the 2020 race

  1. Dems Seem to Lack Enthusiasm

    Fifty-five percent of Trump’s supporters are “very enthusiastic” about his bid for a second term. Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, meanwhile, is only seeing highly motivated support of 28 percent, according to a new ABC/Washington Post poll — an enthusiasm gap that has bedeviled past unsuccessful nominees. So where’s the love for Uncle Joe?

  2. But Tucker Says It’ll Be Cuomo

    Conservative pundit and TV host Tucker Carlson said via podcast that while the math says Biden will be the nominee, “it’s not about math. It’s about will.” Carlson claimed that the Democratic Party “is intent on taking power, period.” So if they have a candidate who can’t win, Carlson believes they’ll replace him with one who can. His bet? Gov. Andrew Cuomo, thanks to his handling of the pandemic in New York.

Sweet recommendations

  1. A New Show to Watch

    Netflix recently launched Unorthodox, a binge-worthy, four-episode series about a young woman’s escape from an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. Based on a memoir by Deborah Feldman, this series is a star vehicle for the up-and-coming Shira Haas, as it asks: How do you leave behind all you’ve ever known when it’s not enough?

  2. Connect Four

    “Gotcha! Four across.” Hearing those words invariably leads to one more game. If you don’t have the original game of yellow walls, filled with holes, blue posts and lots of checkers, be sure to sneak up on your opponent in the online version instead.

    Ever Play Connect Four?

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  1. A New Way to Say Hello

    Shaking hands was so 2019. The new, germ-free version going viral? The Indian “namaste,” which means to bow to you. Dutch, American, French and Israeli leaders have pressed their hands together in greetings recently — as has Prince Charles. Now if we can just get Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stop hugging everyone and use the namaste instead …

    Say Hello

    Stories to share with a friend