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  1. FBI Shuts Down Notorious Online Black Market ’Silk Road’

    Clandestine buyers seeking heroin or automatic weapons online met with an austere message familiar to fans of the net’s dark side: THIS HIDDEN SITE HAS BEEN SEIZED. The Silk Road’s mastermind, “Dread Pirate Roberts,” appears to be Ross William Ulbricht, a libertarian with advanced degrees who was arrested in San Francisco on charges related to crafting “the most sophisticated and extensive criminal marketplace on the Internet today.” Agents also confiscated more than $2.6 million in bitcoins, the almost untraceable crypto-currency that Ulbricht allegedly used to hire a hitman. Score one for the G-men, but just like in the off-line war on drugs, surely the next digital dealer is waiting to fill the void.

    Source: USA Today


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