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  1. Best-selling Author Tom Clancy Dies at 66

    There is hopefully no war in the next life, but one can hope that there is enough espionage and military skullduggery to keep a great storyteller busy. Beginning with ”The Hunt for Red October” in 1985, which then-president and cold warrior Ronald Reagan called “my kind of yarn,” Clancy produced a series of meticulously imagined politico-thrillers novels. Together with the blockbuster film adaptations and hit video game franchises, the books made Clancy one of the world’s richest authors (and the proud owner of a tank and part of the Baltimore Orioles). Fans of his unique military fanboy fiction can say goodbye by reading his last book, ”Command Authority,” due out in December and undoubtedly destined to be his 18th and final best-seller. 

    Source: NYT

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