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  1. Video Games Show Timothy Leary Was a Man Ahead of His Time

    Put down the LSD and prepare to really have your mind blown. The New York Public Library recently released a trove of Timothy Leary’s work to the public: more than 300 old-school floppy disks. Among the gems are some priceless kernels of video games. Electronic Arts released his Mind Mirror in 1985. It sold 65,000 copies and is now on Facebook. Even more mind-blowing is what could have been — namely, his Neuromancer project, a “bizarre take” on the William S. Gibson book. According to one report, artist Keith Haring, designer Helmut Lang and rock band Devo were set to contribute. We’re especially fond of the pixelated take on a very young David Byrne. 

    Sources: Wired, Verge 

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