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  1. Why Canada Should Merge With the U.S. Or Not.

    Author Diane Francis is making waves north of the border with a new book: Merger of the Century: Why Canada and America Should Become One Country. Among various potential wins of a mega-merger, the book highlights the economic benefits of joining forces  - i.e. kick some China and Russia butt. Francis, who has dual citizenship, says it’s time for the two countries to get on with creating a powerhouse capable of dominating the global economy. Despite hitting shelves at an interesting time — when ”America can’t even pass a budget and Canada can’t even reform the Senate” — Francis’ “thought experiment” has people talking about the potential, and perhaps inevitability, of the two countries teaming up to create a super-nation for the ages. But does anyone really think it could work?

    Source: National Post; Huffington Post Canada

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