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  1. There’s a Good Reason Why We Break Down When Traveling

    Have you ever started crying while flying or driving down the road alone? Whether or not you’re willing to admit that tears have streamed down your cheeks as you watched an in-flight movie, many people confess (anonymously, of course) in an airline survey to have quietly sobbed in their seats. Studies on crying show that there is a reason for these curious bouts of bawling: isolation, which brings on ”heightened emotion.” When separated from loved ones, distractions of work, and our ever-present devices, we are suddenly forced to sit with just ourselves — which can be a lonely, lonely place. But this can actually be a good thing. Just ask Louis C.K. So the next time you’re cruising at 40,000 feet, miles from familiarity and loved ones, put on “Toy Story” and go ahead and have a good old cry. You’re just being human. 

    Source: The Atlantic


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