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    Facebook has blamed a technical glitch for posts including mainstream news articles about coronavirus and other topics being marked as spam. The U.S. slapped new sanctions on Iran yesterday. And actor Jared Leto says he emerged from an isolated 12-day retreat to learn about the severity of coronavirus for the first time.

    Coronavirus Update: With more than 31,500 infections, Italy has around twice as many as Iran, despite having only about 73 percent of the population.

    We heard you! Yesterday we asked: How worried are you about your financial future amid the coronavirus outbreak? OZY reader Yasmin from the Netherlands, who's struggling with lupus, says: "I can’t work to save my life. I get multiple flares a year, and when I do, I can’t do anything for at least 4 weeks." She added: "If I get sick from the coronavirus, what will be of me?"

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