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  1. House Sets Price to Avert Shutdown: Delay Obamacare One Year

    Just past midnight on Sunday morning, under pressure from GOP hard-liners, the Republican-run U.S. House of Representatives voted to only keep the government running if Obamacare is delayed by one year and a tax to fund it is repealed. A separate House Republican bill passed that ensures military personnel continue to be paid, but more than 800,000 other federal workers face furloughs in the now more likely event of a government shutdown beginning Tuesday. The legislation heads back to the Senate on Monday, where politicians will have a final 10 hours to move past a stalemate. If they don’t? Economists warn of significant worldwide financial implications if the U.S. defaults on payments. For the nation, it could mean a severe recession and more. As one chief economist put it, ”It’ll be bedlam. It’ll be a mess.”

    Sources: NYTWashington PostCBC

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