The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. House Sets Price to Avert Shutdown: Delay Obamacare One Year

    Just past midnight on Sunday morning, under pressure from GOP hard-liners, the Republican-run U.S. House of Representatives voted to only keep the government running if Obamacare is delayed by one year and a tax to fund it is repealed. A separate House Republican bill passed that ensures military personnel continue to be paid, but more than 800,000 other federal workers face furloughs in the now more likely event of a government shutdown beginning Tuesday. The legislation heads back to the Senate on Monday, where politicians will have a final 10 hours to move past a stalemate. If they don’t? Economists warn of significant worldwide financial implications if the U.S. defaults on payments. For the nation, it could mean a severe recession and more. As one chief economist put it, ”It’ll be bedlam. It’ll be a mess.”

    Sources: NYTWashington PostCBC

  2. Italy’s Political Crisis, New Kenya Details, Plan for Chemical Weapons

    Berlusconi ministers resign, sparks Italy crisis, BBC

    Kenya received warning of an attack day before Westgate, Guardian 

    U.N. adopts plan on Syria chemical weapons, Huffington Post

    Barcelona star Messi injured in club-record seventh win, BBC

    NSA mines data to map U.S. citizens’ social connections, NY Times

    New Miss World 2013 crowned in Bali, CNN


  1. We Looked on His Works and Despaired

    Vince Gilligan’s epic tale of one man’s descent from mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher to ruthless, Machiavellian meth kingpin came to a close Sunday night. Critics have called it transformative TV, and fans who may have been slow to get hooked popularized “binge watching” by catching up en masse on Netflix. The show’s been frightening, frustrating, often hilarious and always so, so smart. We felt triumph and despair in equal measures watching the series finale.

    Spoiler-free look at seasons past and a recap of the final episode