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  1. mike bloomberg

    Bloomberg Battered in Sin City Debate

    Can't buy him love. Billionaire presidential contender Michael Bloomberg was on the receiving end of fiery attacks during yesterday's Democratic debate in Las Vegas. Sen. Elizabeth Warren appeared most eager to prove her mettle, pressing the former New York mayor over his policy of stop-and-frisk policing and his alleged disrespect for women. Front-runner Sen. Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, defended his electability and his health.

    Can Bloomberg battle on? Having spent most of the debate on his back foot, writes OZY senior editor Daniel Malloy, he still has a compelling story to tell about why he’s the one to make President Donald Trump a one-termer.

  2. Nine Killed in Germany Shootings

    Federal authorities say they've taken over an investigation into an overnight rampage at two hookah bars in the German city of Hanau that left at least nine people dead and four injured. The suspected shooter reportedly killed himself at home, where police said they also found the body of his mother. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has expressed "deep sympathy" for the victims' families.

    What was the motive? The attacks — on popular meeting places for the local Kurdish community — are being treated as domestic terrorism after authorities found evidence of the shooter's far-right extremist views.

  3. Coronavirus Stirs Fears Around Asia

    While experts say the outbreak is beginning to stabilize in China, it's sparking concern elsewhere in Asia — such as in Singapore and South Korea, where 84 and 82 people, respectively, have been infected. Meanwhile, two passengers from the cruise ship docked in Japan that had been under a two-week quarantine were confirmed to have died.

    What else is happening? The number of new cases continues to drop after Chinese authorities changed their criteria again: Now, patients are being diagnosed based on lab tests rather than on symptoms alone.

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    UBS Taps New CEO in Latest Banking Shuffle

    Switzerland’s largest bank has selected ING chief Ralph Hamers to replace Sergio Ermotti at its top spot. It's the second shift in leadership at a top European bank this month, after former Credit Suisse CEO Tidjane Thiam resigned nearly two weeks ago amid a spying scandal. Ermotti had been expected to step down, and Hamers will take over Nov. 1.

    What's on his agenda? The Dutchman will face the challenge of steering the world's leading wealth manager toward further success after Ermotti's nine-year tenure helped yank it from the global financial crisis.

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  5. Also Important...

    Trump associate Roger Stone will be sentenced today for obstructing Congress to help shield the president. Australia has been shaken by a former rugby player's alleged killing of his estranged wife and three children. And NASCAR racer Ryan Newman has left the hospital after surviving a serious crash in last weekend's Daytona 500.

    OZYfact: In 2018, Portugal was the 11th-largest wine-producing country in the world — though it produced only about 161 million gallons, compared to more than 1 billion each from Spain, France and Italy. Read more on OZY.

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    Did Trump Offer to Pardon Julian Assange?

    A lawyer for the notorious WikiLeaks founder claimed in a London court yesterday that President Trump tried to use ex-GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher as a middleman for a dubious errand involving Assange. The supposed deal? Announce Russia didn't hack the Democratic National Committee's emails in 2016 in exchange for clemency. The White House denied the claim, saying Trump "barely knows" Rohrabacher — who, for his part, says he told Assange he'd merely "call on" Trump for a pardon.

    What's next? Opening arguments in the extradition case against Assange, who's wanted in the U.S. on 18 different charges, begin Feb. 24 but will likely take months.

  2. Father of Cut, Copy, Paste Dies at 74

    Larry Tesler, the user interface innovator whose now-ubiquitous concept helped ease personal computing for countless people, reportedly died this week. Before joining Apple for a 17-year stint in 1980, the Stanford grad pioneered the famous copy-and-paste function at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. There, he's said to have wowed Steve Jobs with the company’s technology during a 1979 tour.

    What else did Tesler do? He held top posts at Amazon, Yahoo and 23andMe before winding down as a semi-retired consultant in the Bay Area.

  3. India's Modi Doubles Down on Trump

    India was once wary of picking favorites in foreign elections, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taking a different tack by openly backing President Trump. It's a simple equation for the controversial leader, OZY reports: As his domestic policies draw increasing global criticism, he’s helping friends in major nations get elected or stay in power. Trump, meanwhile, gets a shot at the Indian American vote.

    But will it work? Canada’s Stephen Harper and Australia’s Tony Abbott both lost their reelection bids despite close ties with Modi — while only 17 percent of Indian Americans voted for Trump in 2016.

  4. John Legend Joins Vox Media Board

    They're getting all of him. Armed with deep industry insight — and business experience to boot — the 11-time Grammy winner will advise the media company as it seeks to boost its audio and visual storytelling through Vox Media Studios. CEO Jim Bankoff said Legend, who will attend regular board meetings, "embodies many of our company values."

    What's on Legend's resume? Besides his Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony wins, the University of Pennsylvania graduate also spent time at Boston Consulting and sits on the boards of several social change-oriented organizations.

    Read OZY's profile of the ex-linebacker reinventing social media for athletes.

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    NFL Player Busted With Lots of Pot

    Puff, puff ... pass. Free agent Greg Robinson, who last played for the Cleveland Browns, was sitting in a Texas jail Wednesday on drug distribution charges. Authorities say the 27-year-old offensive tackle and his former Auburn University teammate Quan Bray were arrested in the Lone Star state with 157 pounds of marijuana after a drug-sniffing dog caught a whiff of their passing rental car as they traveled from Los Angeles to Louisiana.

    Was Robinson a promising prospect? The No. 2 overall draft pick in 2014 has been hampered by injury and inconsistency — and now he faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.