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  1. European Clubs Back Winter 2022 World Cup in Qatar

    Due to the somehow unexpected revelation that summers in the desert nation of Qatar are really, really hot — think 122 degrees Fahrenheit, 50 degrees Celsius hot —Europe’s top soccer body approved an unprecedented plan to reschedule the world’s most popular sports tournament. The good news is that players will not wilt, but the bad news is that the tightly packed and highly lucrative sporting calendar may be thrown off for three years. Fox, which has the U.S. broadcast rights focused on a summer tourney, is threatening to sue, and the Aussies want reimbursement for the $43 million they spent on a failed bid pegged to a Northern Hemisphere summer schedule. As Lina Khatib explores on OZY today, the 2022 World Cup is just one of many assets that the globally ascendant, but controversial, Qatar has added to its growing portfolio in recent years.

    Source: BBC, The Mirror

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