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    US Demands Turkey 'Stand Down' in Syria

    After effectively clearing the way by withdrawing U.S. troops from the area, the White House is now demanding that Turkey end its incursion into northern Syria. Calling on Ankara to "stand down," Vice President Mike Pence said yesterday that Washington "simply is not going to tolerate" the move. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump announced he'd reimpose steel tariffs and suspend talks on a $100 billion trade deal with Turkey.

    How's the offensive proceeding? The push by Turkish-backed forces toward the strategic city of Manbij could set them up for a confrontation with Syrian government troops also moving into the area.

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    Even John Bolton Was Alarmed by Trump's Ukraine Efforts

    According to President Trump's former top Russia adviser, a number of White House insiders — including the controversial ex-national security adviser — were deeply disturbed by Trump's efforts to pressure Ukraine into launching politically motivated probes. Fiona Hill reportedly told House committees yesterday that Bolton suggested she raise the matter with White House lawyers following a heated encounter in July with U.S. Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland and acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney.

    What's next? Sondland is expected to testify before House committees Thursday, while two top State Department officials will also speak to congressional investigators this week.

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    Texas Officer Jailed, Charged With Murder

    Former Fort Worth police officer Aaron Dean, who quit the force yesterday after fatally shooting a 28-year-old Black woman inside her home over the weekend, has been arrested on a $200,000 bond. Shortly before the White 34-year-old's detention, Police Chief Ed Kraus said he was "so sorry for what occurred" and promised a swift and thorough investigation into the death of Atatiana Jefferson.

    Will that be enough? Probably not: Critics are already questioning why the department even gave Dean — who Kraus said isn't cooperating with the probe — the option to resign.

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    The EU Believes a Brexit Deal Is 'Still Possible'

    Ahead of a meeting with EU ministers today, Michel Barnier, the bloc's chief Brexit negotiator, floated hope that the U.K. could still strike a withdrawal deal this week, adding that both sides "are working hard." Not everyone's so optimistic: Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne, whose country currently holds the EU presidency, said, "There is no time." Still, Barnier's comments bumped the pound sterling up against the dollar.

    When might an agreement happen? It would need to be whipped together quickly since an EU summit on Thursday and Friday is the last chance to consider any deal before the Oct. 31 deadline.

  5. Also Important...

    The death toll following Japan's Typhoon Hagibis has now reached 69. Writers Margaret Atwood and Bernardine Evaristo were announced as joint winners of the Booker Prize Monday. And NBA star LeBron James has claimed that Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey — who tweeted his support for protests in Hong Kong — “wasn’t educated” before he spoke out.

    #OZYfact: In 2019 so far, two major races and several less well known ultras have been won outright by women. Read more on OZY.

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    Can Artificial Intelligence Fix Workplace Harassment?

    First computers took manufacturing sector jobs — and now they might be coming for the human resources department. AI-backed efforts to root out harassment and discrimination are already being used by forward-thinking firms, OZY reports. Studies show that humans are less likely to give each other reliable data, which is why chatting to an app could ease the pressure.

    How serious is the harassment problem? A recent survey found that 79 percent of respondents had witnessed incidents, but 77 percent never reported them to HR.

  2. Israel Is Giving Up a Russian Hacker to America

    The Israeli government said Monday it will soon approve an order to send accused hacker Aleksey Burkov to stand trial in the U.S. for embezzlement. The move could dash Israel's hopes of retrieving Naama Issachar, who was sentenced to more than seven years in a Russian prison after being caught with nine grams of marijuana in her luggage during a layover. Critics say her detention was an attempt to wrest Burkov from Israeli custody.

    Could Issachar be freed? Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly considering pardoning her at Israel's request.

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    1 in 3 Kids Are Overweight or Underfed

    A new report by UNICEF reveals that one-third of the world's 700 million kids under the age of 5 are either malnourished or overweight. While fewer children are actually starving, half of all kids now suffer from dietary deficiencies. The report places the blame on unhealthy diets — full of high-calorie, low-nutrient processed food and lacking fresh fruits and vegetables — that disproportionately affect lower-income communities, even in wealthier nations.

    What's causing such bad nutrition? Besides economic factors, climate-related disasters in some regions have a dramatic impact on the availability and quality of food.

  4. K-Pop Star Sulli Found Dead at 25

    While the cause of death is unknown, investigators suspect Choi Jin-ri, known by her stage name Sulli, took her own life. The Busan native rose to fame as a child actress before joining f(x), which became one of South Korea's most prominent pop bands. Sulli left the group in 2015 due to severe stomach pain, which she attributed to online smears and bullying.

    How will she be remembered? Sulli co-hosted a TV show where celebrities discuss hurtful online messages, and grieving fans are now paying tribute to her efforts to fight abuse and cyberbullying.

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    England-Bulgaria Soccer Match Stopped Twice Over Racist Fans

    "It looked appalling." That's how English Football Association chairman Greg Clarke described the racist chants and fascist gestures from Bulgarian fans at a Euro 2020 qualifying match in Sofia yesterday. Refs were forced to stop play twice, prompting the England team to ask UEFA officials to "investigate as a matter of urgency" — especially after Bulgaria was sanctioned in June for similar offenses during two other qualifiers. England won Monday's match 6-0.

    How does UEFA handle racism? It begins by stopping play and making stadium-wide announcements, but if fans don't heed warnings officials can cancel the match.