OZY Podcast: Myth Busting the Refugee Crisis

02 Nov 2015, Slovenia --- Train Passengers arrives to Sentilj with refugees. Nearly 170,000 migrants have crossed Slovenia since mid-October when Hungary closed its border with Croatia with a razor-wire fence and the flow was redirected to Slovenia. --- Image by © Niklas Meltio/Corbis

Source Niklas Meltio/Corbis

Why you should care

Because there’s a lot of talk with too little context. 

You’ve seen it all over the news, and maybe you think you know what’s going on when it comes to migration these days: Levels of immigration are unprecedented, more refugees are seeking shelter in Europe than ever before and rich countries are closing their borders in response. Right? 

Maybe not. Before you get news media, anger or compassion fatigue, stop to get your facts straight. Nairobi-based roving correspondent Laura Secorun Palet has reported from refugee camps in Jordan, the sea-swept isle of Lampedusa — a major gateway into Europe for many migrants — and Albania, where many migrants are making a last-stand attempt at entry. She sits down with Mumbai-based deputy editor Sanjena Sathian here to debunk some of the myths about the so-called migration crisis. 



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