A Look Inside the Mind of a Black Republican

Stranger to controversy? Congressman Byron Donalds' take on BLM, Trump and the future of conservatism begs to disagree.

Condoleezza Rice Reconsiders the Right

Condoleezza Rice, a crucial part of a sorely tested Republican administration, has a take on the last one.

World Sighs Relief Over Biden Win

Countries will be looking to Biden to restore traditional relationships of trust and consultation.

Trump's Mass Political Migration 2.0?

Polls are starting to point to a startling reality: that Trump is gaining with minority voters, not losing them.


Real Talk, Real Change

Compelling conversations on race to meet the moment.

The Road to a Tied Election Runs Through Here

An overwhelmingly rural, older district in Maine has become a critical battleground — and a signal of President Trump's struggles.

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