One of Africa’s smallest nations, Togo was colonized by Germany and then France, and was at the heart of the "Slave Coast" from where West Africans were shipped to the Americas. Today, the country is among the poorest on the continent, but it remains wealthy in natural resources. It has the world's fourth-largest phosphate reserves and is a major cocoa exporter.

In Togo, an Activist Dynasty Confronts a Dictatorial Dynasty

Fighting a dictatorial dynasty requires tenacity for the long run, and Farida Nabourema is positioned to do just that.

Tomorrow's Togo: A World Leader in E-Waste

The tiny West African nation is emerging as an unlikely leader in turning e-waste into low-cost computers, printers and robots.

Who Was Behind Africa’s First Coup?

The first military coup in newly independent Africa occurred in Togo.


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Tiny Togo Conquered Elephantiasis

Togo is the first African nation to eliminate the dreaded disease, one of the world’s most common physical disabilities.