A provocative new OZY series with political scientist Dr. Christina Greer interviewing Black thought leaders who are coming to terms with what a Trump presidency could mean for the communities they represent.

The Aftermath VI: Has Trump Opened the Door for a New Type of Candidate?

A battle between the lofty idealism of political science and the hard realism of finance.

The Aftermath V: Don't Question My Patriotism

In this episode, an inner-city charter school principal discusses the surprising ways his students have responded to Trump’s rise.

The Aftermath III: Worried About Trump? This Black Comedian Isn't

Mike Yard is expecting his income to rise during a Trump presidency, because the new commander in chief is bound to provide plenty of fodder for the comedian’s act.


Covid's Wakeup Call | Episode Highlights

It’s time for Real Talk and Real Change.

The Aftermath IV: Stop Sweeping Problems Under the Rug

We shouldn’t hesitate to call hate “hate,” argues Professor Robin J.

The Aftermath II: History Doesn’t Repeat, but It Rhymes

Coping mechanisms for African-Americans during a potentially hostile presidency.

The Aftermath I: A New Day and Old Dog Whistles

Last year was supposed to be the Year of the Woman.

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