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The Dutch Government Stole Millions From Moms of Color. She's Getting It Back

Attorney Eva González Pérez helped recoup millions of euros for parents who had been improperly targeted as tax cheats.
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The Ironworker Democrat Blocking a Millionaire Tax Hike

New Jersey state Senate president Steve Sweeney’s fight is a microcosm of the national Democratic debate over taxation.
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Tax Breaks Are Breaking the Free Market

Indiscriminate cuts for the wealthy don’t help the free market.
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Why Is AMLO Treating Tax Evaders Like Drug Dealers?

AMLO's tax crackdown could actually make fewer people declare true incomes, experts caution.

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How His Obscure Tax Break Became a $60B Venture Fund for Low-Income America

Former Obama White House adviser Steve Glickman helped develop "opportunity zones" — now key to Donald Trump's tax reform and urban agenda.
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Inside the Republican Revolt Against Elite Tax Cuts

Refocusing taxes around working families could be good politics for the GOP.
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Eastern Europe Woos International Filmmakers Like Never Before

Foreign productions are flocking to Eastern Europe — and raising the region’s global profile in the process.
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History Shows Us How Government Will Respond to Next Downturn

If the past is any guide … don’t hold your breath for a quick or easy fix.
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Yes, You Can Deduct Your (Illegal) March Madness Betting Losses on Your Taxes

Whether you bet $50 in an office pool or put serious money down on Duke, you can at least avoid a tax hit.

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Donald Dossier: It's the Economy, Stupid

The stock market doesn’t correlate with electoral success or failure, but Trump is right to be spooked.
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Comeback Kid: Macron's Great Debate Helps Revive His Popularity

The French president is clawing his way back up the ratings, thanks to a series of popular consultations across the country.