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An Insurance Solution for the World’s Poorest

Entrepreneur Ntando Kubheka has launched a platform to insure the properties of millions of poor South Africans.
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The Teenager Breaking Up Child Marriages, Door to Door

Hadiqa Bashir, 18, is storming Pakistan's Swat Valley to convince parents and imams of the ills of child marriage.
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Florida's Unemployment 'Dream Team' Helps 50K Tackle a Broken System

A network of women across Florida is helping out-of-work people navigate a notoriously bad system to get their benefits.
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The Pandemic Is Devastating to Black People. Here's What We Can Do About It

America's virus response needs to address racial inequities, writes the head of Black Lives Matter Global Network.

The Carlos Watson Show

The Carlos Watson Show brings bold, impactful conversations with culture-defining celebrities, intellectual pioneers and changemakers, spotlighting the voices you need to hear to make sense of this important time in American history.
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See/Here: The Streets of New Delhi

Want to see the world once place at a time? Welcome to See/Here, where we let you do just that.
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The 'DoorDash' for Leftover Food Takes Flight Amid New York Lockdown

Hannah Dehradunwala created a platform to schedule real-time pickups for your leftovers — a service needed now more than ever.
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Will the World's Virus-Hit Nonprofits Get a Bailout?

The proudly independent first line of defense for the world's most vulnerable, nonprofits are now turning to governments for help.
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Special Briefing: The Inherent Privilege of Social Distancing

While social distancing is key to fighting the coronavirus pandemic, it’s also highlighting economic disparity around the world.
True Stories

The Case That Defended the Homeless Vote

Because of this case, people who are experiencing homelessness are allowed to cast a ballot.

The Weekender

OZY Tribe members near and far provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time.
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She Wants Christian Missionaries Off the Reservation

Christian groups spend their summers on reservations across America.
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No Place Like Home

The US is facing twin crises: a skyrocketing housing affordability crisis and unprecedented counts of people experiencing homelessness.

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