Latin America’s Unconventional Pro-Choice Crusader

Guatemala’s Gloria Álvarez thinks free markets can solve the abortion rights debate.

Why Modi's Loss in Delhi Doesn't Mean India's Protesters Have Won

Despite a devastating defeat in his first political test since the recent protests, India's prime minister has few national challengers.

Santiago Abascal and Spain's Electric Electoral Slide to the Right

Spain's far-right Vox Party saw its support more than double in Sunday's election, behind its charismatic leader.

Greta's Green Revolution Moves to Europe's Ballot Boxes

As far-right parties grow across other parts of Europe, Green parties are stalling that march in Austria and Switzerland.


Real Talk Real Change

Compelling conversations on race to meet the moment.

The Ghosts of Germany’s Past Face Off in Heartland Election

30 years after the Berlin Wall fell, two pariah parties are going toe-to-toe in a battle for what is the German left's only enduring bastion.

The Shadow of Lula Lingers Over Bolsonaro's Brazil — Even From Jail

The shadow of the charismatic former president remains large on Brazilian politics.

Vladimir Putin on Why Liberalism Is 'Obsolete'

In an exclusive interview with the FT, the Russian president trumpets the growth of national populism.

Can Istanbul's New Mayor Help Remake Turkish Democracy?

Ekrem İmamoğlu’s victory in the Istanbul mayoral election has sparked new hope for better governance in Turkey.

Why Cities and National Governments Are Clashing Over Migration

Cities need immigrant workers to keep their economies running.

Modi Rewrites the Populist Playbook

India’s prime minister has combined Donald Trump’s majoritarianism with Nicolás Maduro’s socialism to pave a new route to success.


When Katty Met Carlos

From the BBC and OZY comes a fresh perspective on the debate about America’s future as a nation and its relation to the world during the 2020 US election.

Top Brazilian Scientists Flee Bolsonaro’s Cuts ... and Head to the US

Record numbers of the most educated researchers and academics are leaving the country, hobbling Brazil’s sciences while helping those abroad.

Why Investors Are Beginning to Cry for Argentina

Polls show former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner leading incumbent Mauricio Macri, and that’s making investors nervous.

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