Grammy Winners of Tomorrow

Today’s Sunday Magazine tells you the surprise nominees and trends to know, and introduces you to the next wave of rising stars.

Their Take on the Arab Spring Is Remaking Musical Theater

Patrick and Daniel Lazour are ushering in the next generation of music theater by depicting new stories on old stages.

A ‘Hamilton’ Alum Seeks a Smash on Broadway … and in Hollywood

The multitalented writer Khiyon Hursey is crafting musicals and more on both coasts.

Listen to OZY's Hit Podcast ... About a Pinup Girl Who Rocked Civilization

Evelyn Nesbit’s beauty took America by storm right before it led to the murder trial of the century.


Real Talk, Real Change

Compelling conversations on race to meet the moment.

The Anti-Stubhub: An App With the Wackiest Tickets in Town

You can get discount tickets on a variety of apps, but this one takes you to experiences out of your comfort zone.

Is She Broadway's Next Rock Star?

Lauren Patten got a standing ovation at every sold-out performance of Jagged Little Pill.

Five Iconic Landmarks to Visit Before Seeing Seattle's Grunge Musical

Before Seattle’s grunge musical opens, get to know the venues that defined the genre.

Setting Your Love Story on the Stage

Your Love, Our Musical turns everyday love stories into an improvised Broadway-style spectacle.

How Music Soothes the Savage Beast

The craziest-cool Silk Road–tripping extravaganza ever: 6,200 miles into the Uighur heart of trans-shamanic music with flamenco guitarist François R.


The Food That Built America

The Food that Built America tells the unbelievable true stories behind the industry titans like Henry Heinz, Milton Hershey, the Kellogg brothers and Ray Kroc, who revolutionized food, and transformed American life and culture forever in the process.

Is This the Next 'Hamilton'?

How a Cuban team and a French opera are making a musical revolución.

Korea's Indie Coffee Shop Singers

South Korea’s indie music scene blooms.

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