True Stories

Actress Maggie Siff on Virtue Signaling and Her 'Allergy to Social Media'

On the latest episode of 'The Carlos Watson Show,' the 'Billions' actress reveals why she doesn't speak out as much as others in show business.
True Stories

The Plan to Shoot a Steamy Romance in Space

Director Yuri Kara had stars in his eyes.
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How Millennials Are Reshaping Nollywood and Bollywood

India’s long-standing influence on northern Nigerian pop culture is getting a remake for millennial audiences.
True Stories

How to Make a Hip-Hop Weed-Fueled Flick

The son of Mexican immigrants always wanted to make a movie.

The Carlos Watson Show

The Carlos Watson Show brings bold, impactful conversations with culture-defining celebrities, intellectual pioneers and changemakers, spotlighting the voices you need to hear to make sense of this important time in American history.
True Stories

‘Flashback’ Lecture Notes: The Mysterious Disappearance That Helped Give Rise to Hollywood

This week's episode of the chart-topping 'Flashback' podcast explores the disappearance of French inventor Augustin Le Prince.
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How Nigerian-Americans Are Changing the Face of Hollywood

From actors to executives, this ethnic group is conquering Tinseltown like it’s conquered medicine and entrepreneurship.
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The ‘Star Wars’ Star Leading London’s Anti-Racism Charge

Actor John Boyega went viral with his impassioned Black Lives Matter speech in London's Hyde Park, a fight he's decided is more important than his career.
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Ava DuVernay’s Arrival and the Path Not Taken

It always seems like famous people's fortunes are foretold, but director Ava DuVernay's was anything but.
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The Next Big Indie Filmmaker Might Be a TikToker

The social media platform is fast emerging as a training ground for novice moviemakers.
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The Audacious Bet Behind HBO Max

Creating a rival to Netflix is more urgent than ever for WarnerMedia.

The Weekender

OZY Tribe members near and far provide delicious recommendations for your valuable weekend time.
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She Pushed Netflix’s Foreign Films to the Oscars. Now It’s Time to Make Her Own

Funa Maduka has gone from leading Netflix's global acquisitions to embarking on her own film career.
Good Sh*t

The Devil’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

The latest installment of the Devil’s Guide examines the beauty, romance and commercial spirit of everyone’s favorite love holiday.

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