West Africa’s Elderly Presidents Catch Tenure-Elongation Fever

West Africa has been a shining light of democracy compared to the rest of the continent.

How the Humble Pineapple Is Curbing Guinean Immigration to Europe

Thousands of migrants once fled the West African nation, but pineapple cultivation is helping put a stop to that.

Guinean Girls Go to the Head of the Class

Investing in teachers and building rural schools has helped quadruple primary school enrollment for girls.

The Grandfathers of Guinean Pop

This is how tradition turned to pop in West Africa.


Real Talk, Real Change

Compelling conversations on race to meet the moment.

Sufi West Africa Braces Amid Rise of Fundamentalism

Salafism is replacing traditional Sufi practices, sparking concern about the introduction of Islamic extremism in the region.

Plugging the Source: Ebola in Guinea

The country where it all started avoided the worst of the Ebola crisis.

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