The coastal West African nations are among the continent’s poorest, and they share a name. But they’ve been on very different modern journeys. During the Cold War, Guinea was aligned with the Soviet Union and was a major regional influencer. Guinea-Bissau, the smaller of the two, stayed non-aligned after it became the first Portuguese colony in Africa to gain independence, in 1975. Guinea today is known to hold a quarter of the world’s bauxite reserves and is a major exporter of aluminum ore. Guinea-Bissau is home to some of the world’s most exotic species of hippos, turtles and other creatures.

How the Humble Pineapple Is Curbing Guinean Immigration to Europe

Thousands of migrants once fled the West African nation, but pineapple cultivation is helping put a stop to that.

Guinean Girls Go to the Head of the Class

Investing in teachers and building rural schools has helped quadruple primary school enrollment for girls.

He’s on a Mission from God to Tackle Drugs in Africa's First Narco-State

Father Domingos Té takes care of a rising number of drug addicts in Guinea-Bissau.

The Grandfathers of Guinean Pop

This is how tradition turned to pop in West Africa.


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Special Briefing: Welcome to Life After ISIS

The power vacuum left behind by ISIS is being filled … and already there are signs of new extremist movements across North Africa and Central Asia.

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