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How Kim Jong Un Keeps the West in the Dark

The North Korean leader’s absence exposes the limitations of satellites and backroom meetings.
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Will Trump’s New ‘Warrior’ Be Up to the Top US Spymaster Job?

A few days after grilling Robert Mueller in Congress, Texas Republican John Ratcliffe finds himself potentially headed for an even bigger stage.
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How the Man Once Known as 'American Taliban' Is Set to Walk Free

John Walker Lindh’s release after 17 years in prison raises questions about how to prosecute the war on terror.
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The Mueller Thread: Is William Barr Itching to Get Rid of the Special Counsel?

Trump’s attorney general nominee didn’t stop an independent counsel in 1992, and it might have cost George H.

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True Stories

The Mysterious Plane Crash That Changed Pakistan

It took an unexplained air disaster to help this South Asian country shift from dictatorship to democracy.
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How Trump's Syria Withdrawal Helps Putin, Hurts Allies

A former CIA chief spells out what’s at stake with Trump’s foreign policy surprise.
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Trump Picks a Fight With Brennan. Is Mueller Next?

The security clearance fight is both a distraction and a serious erosion of norms.
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The Tortured Path of Trump’s CIA Trailblazer

Kentuckian Gina Haspel’s history-making nomination invites questions about American torture … and sexism.
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The Skinny on Donald Trump's New Top Diplomat: Mike Pompeo

A House conservative firebrand turned CIA director just got a big promotion.
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North Korea–US: Bluff and Bluster or Path to War?

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump are turning up the volume on a dangerous game of rhetorical chicken.

The Weekender

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Will Spain Prove to Be a Hotbed for Terror?

Deadly attacks in Spain raise the specter yet again of tourist-targeting terror in Europe, which is unlikely to fade anytime soon.
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CIA Testimony: It’s a Fine Line Between Talk and Treason

After ex–CIA director John Brennan testified about possible Russian interference in the U.

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