The Italian Noble Who Conquered the Congo With Compassion

If more colonists had shared Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza’s philosophy, Africa would be a very different place.

The Country Most Vulnerable to Climate Change Fights Back

Landlocked Chad offers solutions from the front lines of its battle against global warming.

Charles de Gaulle's Victory Began in This Central African Nation

Chad was the first French colony to break from Vichy France and support the resistance leader.

Your Next Read: Real-Life Looks at the Refugee Crisis

If you really want to understand the crisis, check out these gritty and illuminating books.


The Carlos Watson Show

The Carlos Watson Show brings bold, impactful conversations with culture-defining celebrities, intellectual pioneers and changemakers, spotlighting the voices you need to hear to make sense of this important time in American history.

Chad’s Slam Poets Fight for Change

Chadian millennials use poetry to stir debate on unemployment, corruption, pollution and inequality.

The Lawyer Behind Facebook's Turn to Africa

Ebele Okobi has a big job — working with governments across an entire continent — on behalf of Facebook.

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