The Origins of Studying Crap

John G Bourke wrote a seminal reference text on human waste that's proven valuable today, despite its Victorian shortcomings.

The Biggest Pandemic Study in the World

The findings of Michelle vanDellen's project will shape how societies cope with the next crisis.

She's Taking Her History Lessons From the Ivory Tower to the Community

Yale history professor Elizabeth Hinton is taking her lessons to the community.

The Scientist Tackling the Ocean Food Chain

Sonya Dyhrman is studying how organisms at the very base of the food chain will adapt to a changing ocean climate.


Real Talk Real Change

Compelling conversations on race to meet the moment.

The Virus Is Hitting Women in Academia Harder

Lockdowns are disproportionately hurting female researchers, affecting their career prospects and the future of fair policymaking.

A Space Anthropologist Warns: Inequality Gets Worse on Mars

Savannah Mandel, 23, is at the vanguard of researchers looking at the human side of leaving Earth.

Beyond the Nobel: Esther Duflo Goes Granular on the Problems of Poverty

Esther Duflo, the youngest to win a Nobel in economics and only the second woman, is rethinking solutions to poverty problems.

Is It Time to End the Socratic Insanity in Law Schools?

Does this method of traumatizing students still have a role to play in Juris Doctor programs?.

He's Why Iran Is Feuding With Stanford

Pooya Azadi, head of the Stanford Iran 2040 Project, undermined Iran’s claims of scientific prowess.

Big Ideas on Campus

This original OZY series goes back to school to see what some of academia’s biggest brains are up to.


The Food That Built America

The Food that Built America tells the unbelievable true stories behind the industry titans like Henry Heinz, Milton Hershey, the Kellogg brothers and Ray Kroc, who revolutionized food, and transformed American life and culture forever in the process.

She’s Giving Every College Student a Life Coach

Alex Bernadotte is trying to cut the college completion gap for first-generation and immigrant students.

OZY's New Podcast: My PhD in Crack. A Beauty Queen’s Rise and Fall

Josefine Nauckhoff was a Swedish noble, beauty queen, Nietzsche scholar and professor until things spun out of control into crack addiction and prostitution.

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