Phenibut Fears

It started as an anti-anxiety drug for Russian cosmonauts in the 1960s. Now phenibut is emerging as the latest drug to be widely abused in the U.S. — with significant side...

The Rolls-Royce of Cannabis

Are you ready for a new kind of marijuana magic? Meet cannabigerol, or CBG. New research shows the hard-to-extract compound carries the best qualities of CBD and THC — without the...

Queens of Coffee

They’re buzzing. A new breed of female baristas, roasters, judges and quality experts is coming to the fore in the Middle East, all of a sudden defining the coffee scene in the...

Today on ‘The Carlos Watson Show’

Carlos turns the tables on his When Katty Met Carlos co-host, Katty Kay. The BBC World News America presenter shares stories from her nomadic childhood, which took her everywhere...


Whiskey in Your Coffee Mug

Spike your morning routine!


The Women Reshaping the C-Suite

This Sunday Magazine explores the surprising achievements of the woman-led corporate world across industries to look at the leaders of tomorrow — only you get to learn their names today.

A Consumer Banking Rock Star Makes a Bold Bet

If there is a rock star in the not-as-sexy world of consumer banking, Thasunda Duckett is it.

The Newest Dangerous High: Phenibut

Phenibut, a perspective-altering drug with a terrible name, is increasingly being abused off-brand in the U.

Can an All-Black Boarding School Bring an Education Revolution?

Cymone Davis, 30, is launching a Black boarding school in Tullahassee, Oklahoma, the oldest all-Black town in Indian Territory.


Real Talk Real Change

Compelling conversations on race to meet the moment.

MLK's Legacy Looms Larger Than Ever

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, this Sunday Magazine introduces you to today’s leaders across issues to which King devoted his life’s work: poverty, labor, religion and civil rights.

Can These Creative Taxes Catch Up With a Changing World?

Nations are responding in creative, if not necessarily optimal, ways to cultural and technological shifts while implementing new tax schemes.

Can the Rolls-Royce of Cannabis Reach the Masses?

It could open up a whole new world of medical marijuana magic.

Can Blockchain Save 'Made in the USA'?

Krissy and Alex Mashinsky, veterans of the fashion and cryptocurrency worlds, have launched a platform for American-made goods, verified by blockchain.

Indian Americans: The New Voices Bringing Diversity to Food Writing

They’re emerging as fresh voices in the white world of food writing.

Is It Time for a Pay-If-You're-Cured Health Care Model?

The pandemic and a Joe Biden presidency could combine to move America to a new health care model that might reduce $1 trillion in wasted medical expenses.


When Katty Met Carlos

From the BBC and OZY comes a fresh perspective on the debate about America’s future as a nation and its relation to the world during the 2020 US election.

Cross-Country Skiing Finds a New Home: the Industrial Midwest

Ohio, Indiana and southern Pennsylvania are witnessing a dramatic surge in interest as families and clubs look for local alternatives to distant mountains and indoor sports.

Want to Work From an Island in 2021?

Remote workers could prove the new lifeblood for travel-starved tourist destinations.

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