Israel vs. Hamas: Winners, Losers and What Comes Next

A fragile cease-fire is holding after this latest bloody war between Hamas and Israel, but where does that leave the long-running conflict in terms of power ratios, influence and the future?


British Destroyer Sails Past Crimea Despite Russian Fire

They say they weren’t poking the bear, but let’s be real. A Royal Navy destroyer steamed within the territorial limits of Crimea yesterday, prompting Russian claims that it had...

Democrats Aim for Their Weak Spot: Crime

With homicides on the rise and Republicans anxious to exploit last summer’s “defund the police” movement, President Joe Biden yesterday unveiled an anti-crime strategy that would...

First Capitol Rioter Sentence Avoids Jail

She admitted it was wrong. Anna Morgan-Lloyd, 49, of Indiana, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor trespassing during the Capitol riot, and was yesterday given probation and a $500 fine,...

Dems, GOP Shake on Infrastructure Deal

You can’t drive on it yet, but they’ve built a bridge. Amid roadblocks over partisan issues like voting rights, a bipartisan group of U.S. senators yesterday agreed on a...


The OZY News Quiz

What monarchical nickname did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle give their second child last weekend? Test your knowledge

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The OZY News Quiz

The navy of what nation played chicken with Russian forces off the coast of Crimea this weekend?.


Real Talk, Real Change

Compelling conversations on race to meet the moment.

US-Russia Relations: The New Normal Is the Old Normal

Washington and Moscow have gotten back to normal discourse.

The OZY News Quiz

What monarchical nickname did Prince Harry and Meghan Markle give their second child last weekend? Test your knowledge.

How Jody Watley Reinvented Herself

Because we have to give her her flowers while we can.

Aari McDonald: Living the Atlanta Dream

Aari McDonald is starting her first season with the Atlanta Dream and ready to skyrocket to WNBA fame.


The Food That Built America

The Food that Built America tells the unbelievable true stories behind the industry titans like Henry Heinz, Milton Hershey, the Kellogg brothers and Ray Kroc, who revolutionized food, and transformed American life and culture forever in the process.

The Man of a Thousand Faces: Navid Negahban

Actor Navid Negahban's discusses his journey to Hollywood, fleeing Iran at 20, and reconnecting with himself.

The OZY News Quiz

Why was tennis star Naomi Osaka facing disqualification from the French Open last weekend? Test your knowledge.

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