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Welcome to the New and the Next.

OZY is a diverse, global and forward-looking media and entertainment company focused on “the New and the Next.” 

Whether we’re bringing you news and features in our daily emails, Emmy-winning TV shows on one of our many partner networks, podcasts on your phone or smart speaker or live events at OZY Fest, we are committed to delivering vibrant, premium, original content you simply won’t find anywhere else.

OZY creates space for fresh perspectives, introduces you to rising stars and breakthrough trends, and offers new takes on everything from news and culture to technology, business, learning and entertainment.

What will you get from OZY? Narratives that defy convention, change perspectives and ignite ideas. Discover the next billion-dollar industries before they take over Wall Street. Meet the next hip-hop star about to explode on the world stage. Engage in the discussions that will shape the next decade. Join the OZY family and start living curiously.

The OZY Mission

To vault you ahead of the curve — and spark change.

Our mission is to help curious people like you see and engage with the world more broadly and more boldly. We think that the world is far more thrilling than most other news and media platforms would have you believe — if only they looked to new places to find stories, turned to new voices to surface opinions or highlighted new trends that are upending conventional wisdom. And fueled by news and knowledge, we designed OZY to be a catalyst for change and inspiration — to allow you to see more, be more and do more. In this way, OZY is tailor-made for what we like to call “the Change Generation” — people from every corner of the globe who are challenging the status quo and bucking convention. 

We built our reputation on being ahead of the curve — we featured Trevor Noah before he was named host of The Daily Show, brought you Alexandria Ocasio Cortez when she was working as a bartender in the Bronx and showcased Awkwafina at OZY Fest before she became a Golden Globe-winning global star. From fashion runways to Wall Street, from medicine to movies, OZY has profiled more than 1,000 breakout figures and trends before the mainstream caught up. If your preferred pace is several steps ahead, OZY is where you belong.

To best serve the Change Generation, OZY promises:

  • We will never tell a story that another national or international publication has already covered;
  • We will always tackle issues with a diverse and global perspective;
  • We will always be smart, rigorous and truthful in our reporting and storytelling;
  • We will embrace a multi-partisan approach to the issues of the day, bringing multiple voices to every conversation, even though we won’t always agree with them; and
  • We will always surprise you and never, ever be boring or predictable.


How OZY strives to make a difference.

In one of the most turbulent periods of American history on issues of racial and social injustice, OZY is committed to being not just a passenger, but a driver. As journalists, we have tried hard to be disciplined in our charge to cover what is a complex set of truths, and yet we have a responsibility now to move beyond just chronicling what’s taking place. As part of our mission to Reset America, we report not only on things as they are, but also on what they can and should be.

As Dr. King said over 50 years ago, we cannot miss the moment and cannot look a broken system in the face and simply call for the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. America was and is a bold experiment. But she will not be OK on her own. OZY hopes to work with you to forge a path forward.

Welcome to the OZY Universe

Online, on air and in person.

OZY started as a digital news and culture magazine, but our initial vision encompassed much more. OZY is now an Emmy Award-winning producer of over a dozen prime-time TV shows, having partnered with everyone from Hulu and Amazon to the Oprah Winfrey Network, PBS and the BBC. We make chart-topping podcasts with bold new takes on technology, current affairs and history. We throw a one-of-a-kind festival that brings together game-changers and change-makers plus tens of thousands of curious people for an annual celebration of music, comedy, food and ideas. We introduce you to some of the coolest brands and most innovative products to help enrich your lifestyle. And that’s just the beginning.

The Story of OZY

Started with love.

Founded by Samir Rao and Carlos Watson, who hail from Michigan and Florida (with a nod to India and Jamaica), OZY's backstory is rooted in family — and love. Carlos' political scientist dad had a love of news so profound that he raised his young son on a rich diet of current events and history-shaping newsmakers (read more here). 

When Carlos and Samir, former colleagues at Goldman Sachs, ran into each other in a Chipotle parking lot, their conversation circled in on a big idea: How could they reimagine the news for a globally minded, discerning and diverse group that they named the Change Generation? People who are edgy and educated, hungry and observant — and tired of being handed the same menu rehashing yesterday's top stories. 

From a coffee shop in downtown Mountain View, California, Carlos and Samir refined their idea, and in 2013 – with the support of investors Laurene Powell Jobs, Mike Moe, Louise Rogers, Dan Rosensweig, Larry Sonsini, David Drummond, Ron Conway and others – OZY became a reality.

Meet the OZY Family

The most diverse team.

Curiosity is in OZY’s DNA because we have the most diverse team in news and media. From the Times of London to Southern law firms to the university corridors of Delhi, OZY scans the world for the best talent, and the result is a richly diverse team across age, gender, ethnicity, orientation, geography, ideology and background. Their opinions and points of view rarely align – and that's precisely the point. You can't bring your audience the world if your team only represents one small part.

As an extension of our in-house team, OZY is honored to work with contributors, speakers and guest editors representing a wide ideological spectrum – from the late Sen. John McCain to Karamo Brown from Queer Eye. OZY has become a favorite of thought leaders and trendsetters who share our commitment to advancing the conversation: We've heard from political leaders like Secretary Hillary Clinton and President George W. Bush, authors Roxane Gay, Salman Rushdie and Malcolm Gladwell, actors Gwyneth Paltrow and Issa Rae, entrepreneurs Mark Cuban and Bill Gates, and global cultural icons like Eddie Huang, Jameela Jamil, Tan France and RuPaul. We thirst for new ways of thinking, which is why top media organizations like iHeartRadio, A&E Networks, NPR, the BBC and The New York Times are partnering with us.

The Million-Dollar Question

WTF does ‘OZY’ mean?!

We were founded on the belief that more is possible and a determination to question assumptions about how the world operates and what lies ahead. And we built those convictions into our name, which comes from "Ozymandias" by Percy Bysshe Shelley. The poem is commonly read as a warning against outsized egos and the impermanence of power. But we choose to read it differently. To us, it's a call to think big while remaining humble. Admittedly, ours is an unconventional interpretation — because that's who we are. In a world littered with conformity, we like to see things differently.

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