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Best MTV Movie Awards Kiss Ever

Best MTV Movie Awards Kiss Ever

By Lorena O'Neil



Because if you don’t care, you have not a single ounce of romantic appreciation in your being. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

By Lorena O'Neil

This year there are quite a few hot contenders for the MTV Movie Awards “Best Kiss” category, including two different three-way kisses and the locked lips of the gorgeous and talented Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams. Candidates include Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett “Don’t call me ScarJo” Johansson, James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens and many other lusted-after celebs. And the winners will have to satiate fans with, as has become the norm, some sort of kiss situation as their acceptance speech at the golden popcorn award show.

So which group of Best Kiss winners can come up with an acceptance speech that beats the mecca of all best kiss acceptance speeches – performed by none other than The Notebook’s Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling at the MTV Movie Awards in 2005?

Spoiler alert: nobody.

3 people on couch, boy in middle kissing woman on right which is Jennifer Aniston

Emma Roberts, Will Poulter and Jennifer Aniston in The Millers

While I love me some J.Law, the truth is her desperate ”eff you my husband’s mistress” kiss has nothing on Rachel and Ryan. And that is because the only thing cuter than Noah and Allie in The Notebook is Rachel and Ryan in real life. (Pre-breakup. And then again pre-second-breakup.) 

Any true McAdams/Gosling devotee knows that the actors didn’t even get along while filming The Notebook. It wasn’t until after filming was done that they became romantically involved in an oh-so-romantic fashion that only Ryan Gosling can achieve.


Then came the 2005 MTV Movie Awards. Watch the video and try not to melt. I mean, the two took to either side of the stage and ran and leapt into each other’s arms for an intense liplock. So hot. (Sorry Eva Mendes. Or not sorry at all — you date Ryan Gosling. No sympathy for you.) Then they had an a-dor-a-ble little exchange about who would speak and the Gos throatily said, “It was my pleasure.” Swoon.

Meanwhile cameos were made by Paul Walker (sad face. RIP), who introduced them, and Lindsay Lohan (also RIP), who stared at them with her jaw open.

Try as people have for years to top this acceptance speech – I’m looking at you Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart with your multiple Best Kiss shenanigans – nobody has and quite frankly, I don’t think anybody will.

But hey, never say never. Your move, Jennifer Lawrence.

(Or, if Ryan and Rachel want to reunite again and provide an encore performance, I wouldn’t complain. Third time’s the charm, right?) 

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