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  • John Legend

    John Legend


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Only 15 people in history have ever won the so-called "EGOT" clean sweep — an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony. John Legend is one of them. The multi-award-winning, platinum-selling singer-songwriter is legendary for hits like "Ordinary People" and "All of Me."

    OZY FACT: He met his larger-than-life partner in crime Chrissy Teigen when she starred as John's love interest in the music video for his song "Stereo." #couplegoals




    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Miguel Jontel Pimentel, a Los Angeles native with an Afro-Latino heritage, has set the world's hips shaking after nearly a decade on the scene with hits like "Adorn" and "Sky Walker." His new-age R&B draws influences ranging from Kanye West to Genesis to Prince to Queen.

    OZY FACT: Miguel held pre-show guided meditations with small groups of fans during his tour last year, inspired by reading about The Beatles' transcendental meditation sessions.

  • Tove Lo

    Tove Lo


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Rolling Stone called her "Sweden's darkest pop export," but singer-songwriter Tove Lo is just telling it like it is, rather than how we'd like things to be, in her raw, grunge-influenced music. Critics compare her to Lorde and Kesha, but this Swedish songstress is a true original.

    OZY FACT: She got her nickname after visiting the zoo as a 3-year-old and falling in love with a lynx ("lo" in Swedish) named Tove.

  • Trevor Noah

    Trevor Noah


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The host of The Daily Show may now be one of the world's most famous comedians. But back when he was doing stand-up in South Africa, his mother couldn't quite believe people were paying to hear jokes. She presumed he was selling drugs instead.

    OZY FACT: Growing up in South Africa under apartheid, Trevor — who is mixed-race — often faced racism. Once, when a taxi driver threatened their lives, he and his mother had to throw themselves out of the moving vehicle.

    SATURDAY // Comedic Conversation
  • Alex Rodriguez

    Alex Rodriguez


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: One of the greatest players in baseball history, the player known as A-Rod won three MVP awards and finished his career with 696 home runs (fourth highest of all time). His second career has been as a business mogul ... and fiancé to singer Jennifer Lopez.

    OZY FACT: Rodriguez's real estate investment firm, Monument Capital Management, owns and manages about 10,000 multifamily units across 11 states.

    SATURDAY, SUNDAY // Live discussion
  • Megan Rapinoe

    Megan Rapinoe


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Fresh off winning the World Cup with the U.S. women's national soccer team, the Golden Boot and Golden Ball winner has taken the country by storm with her war of words with the president and advocacy for LGBT rights. Born in Redding, California, she has played professionally in Australia and France, currently starring as a midfielder for Reign FC in Tacoma, Washington.

    OZY FACT: Growing up, Rapinoe idolized her older brother, Brian, who has been in and out of jail since he was 15 and watched all her World Cup wins while still incarcerated. However, he is now in a prison rehabilitation program in San Diego, and should soon be able to cheer her on in-person.

    SUNDAY // Live Discussion
  • Malcolm Gladwell

    Malcolm Gladwell


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Malcolm Gladwell, aka the skinny Canadian, has made a name for himself as a best-selling author and podcaster. While he often pushes his audience to reconsider sociological theories, he's a master at making academic research tantalizing.

    OZY FACT: Don't offer him juice! Gladwell only drinks coffee, red wine, tea and water.

    SATURDAY // Live discussion
  • Rachael Ray

    Rachael Ray


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The 30-minute-meal queen and host of the talk and lifestyle program Rachael Ray got her start in an Albany-based gourmet market, where she taught reluctant home cooks how to whip up meals. While she doesn't offer in-person tutorials much these days, you can catch her cooking up a storm at OZY Fest.

    OZY FACT: Ray was a cheerleader in high school, often topping the pyramids and tumbling into her teammates' arms. Give us an R!

  • Padma Lakshmi

    Padma Lakshmi


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Model turned food guru Padma Lakshmi is the host and producer of Bravo's Top Chef, a best-selling author and an entrepreneur behind several businesses, from a line of jewelry and cookware to a MAC-affiliated makeup collection.

    OZY FACT: Teased and called "Giraffe" in high school because of her long neck, she changed her name from Padma to Angelique to feel like less of an outsider.

  • Spike Lee

    Spike Lee


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Spike Lee is an Oscar-winning filmmaker whose work tackles race, urban crime and issues impacting the Black community. His latest project is the Netflix series She's Gotta Have It, based on his critically acclaimed movie from 1986. He is also the artistic director of NYU's graduate film program, the author of several books and an unapologetic New York Knicks fan.

    OZY FACT: A Brooklyn native, he's lived in Manhattan for more than 20 years and bought his house from Jasper Johns (who "didn't leave a drop of paint").

    SUNDAY // Live discussion
  • Mark Cuban

    Mark Cuban


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: From selling garbage bags as a kid to selling Broadcast.com for $5.7 billion, the Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank investor is known for his acerbic wit and straight-talking business acumen.

    OZY FACT: In 2007, Mark was on Dancing With the Stars, finishing eighth while beating out the legendary, and light-footed, boxer Floyd Mayweather — an impressive feat considering he began practicing just seven weeks after a hip replacement.

    SATURDAY // Interactive panel
  • Laurene Powell Jobs

    Laurene Powell Jobs


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Powell Jobs is an OZY investor, enthusiast and contributor. She is the founder and president of Emerson Collective, a social change organization that uses a broad range of tools including philanthropy, impact investing and policy solutions to renew some of society's most calcified systems, creating new possibilities for individuals, families and communities.

    OZY FACT: At OZY Fest 2018, Powell Jobs had the pleasure of interviewing Hillary Clinton to thunderous applause.

    SATURDAY // Live discussion
  • Beto O'Rourke

    Beto O'Rourke


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The skateboarding, punk-guitarist (and former U.S. Congressman from El Paso) raised a record $80 million in a Senate race that almost painted Texas blue — an endeavor O'Rourke hopes he will have another shot at should he be the Democratic nominee for president in 2020.

    OZY FACT: While at Columbia University, O'Rourke founded the band Foss, after the Icelandic word for waterfall, and toured the nation to promote their album, "The El Paso Pussycats."

    SUNDAY // Political debate
  • John Kasich

    John Kasich


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The former 2016 presidential candidate made his mark from an early age, becoming a state senator in his 20s and then rising to chair the House Budget Committee in Washington before serving as the 69th governor of Ohio.

    OZY FACT: Kasich loves the big stage, from finagling his way to a meeting with President Richard Nixon as a college freshman to sneaking on set during a Grateful Dead concert as a congressman.

    SATURDAY // Political debate
  • Kirsten Gillibrand

    Kirsten Gillibrand


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: New York's junior U.S. senator, Gillibrand has long been at the forefront of the #MeToo and abortion rights debates in Congress, making headlines for fighting sexual assault in the military. The 52-year-old is now bringing her message — focused on bravery and not backing down — to the presidential campaign trail.

    OZY FACT: Gillibrand roomed with Connie Britton — of Friday Night Lights and Nashville fame — when both were Dartmouth undergrads studying abroad in Beijing.

    SUNDAY // Political debate
  • Sean Spicer

    Sean Spicer


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: His briefings were must-see TV when he was White House press secretary in the early days of the Donald Trump administration, when Spicer sparred each day with members of the news media. After leaving the job in 2017, Spicer wrote a book about his experience (The Briefing) and became a political pundit and journalist — conducting interviews for the TV show Extra

    OZY FACT: Spicer was known to chew — and swallow — dozens of sticks per day of Orbitz cinnamon gum

    SUNDAY // Political debate
  • Stacey Abrams

    Stacey Abrams


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Growing up poor in Mississippi, Stacey Abrams rose to serve as minority leader in the Georgia statehouse — and in February made national news by becoming the first African-American woman to deliver a response to the State of the Union address.

    OZY FACT: She moonlights as her alter ego, Selena Montgomery, a Harlequin romance novelist whose bodice-ripping books have sold more than 100,000 copies.

    SATURDAY // Political debate
  • Jameela Jamil

    Jameela Jamil


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Holy shirt! Jamil may not be as posh as her character, Tahani, on NBC's The Good Place, but the British actress and model does have style. Jamil has been open about her struggles with an eating disorder, and lately she's focused on building her Instagram body-positivity movement, iWeigh.

    OZY FACT: Jamil was born with partial hearing loss and had a series of surgeries as a child to improve it.

    SATURDAY // Live discussion

    A R I Z O N A


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Electro-pop meets old synth to entertain a Spotify following of 3.6 million monthly listeners, as guitarist Nate Esquite, vocalist Zach Charles and keyboardist David Labuguen stun with hits from "Oceans Away" and "Find Someone" to "Cross My Mind."

    OZY FACT: While the trio tried making waves in New York, Los Angeles and London, it wasn't until they moved to a New Jersey basement — and band manager Jake Posner discovered them on Reddit — that they got their big break.

  • Dulce Sloan

    Dulcé Sloan


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Sloan is unapologetic about her comedy, which she says reflects her experience as a plus-sized Black American woman --- a trademark she's learned to mix with the political for her gig on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

    OZY FACT: Funnily enough ... Sloan never wanted to get into comedy but was pushed to try it by her mentor, comedian Big Kenney Johnson.

    SUNDAY // Stand-up set
  • Deepak Chopra

    Deepak Chopra


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Considered a pioneer in alternative medicine and a leading influencer on mind-body health and well-being, Chopra is the best-selling author of 85-plus books that have been translated into 43 languages.

    OZY FACT: Chopra drinks three cups of coffee before noon. He used to limit himself to just one, but his physician brother convinced him to have more.

    SUNDAY // Live discussion
  • Barbara Corcoran

    Barbara Corcoran


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Most people who get D's in school and cycle through 20 jobs by the time they're 23 don't end up becoming best-selling authors, company founders or network TV hosts. But Barbara Corcoran isn't most people. In her book, Shark Tales: How I Turned $1,000 into a Billon-Dollar Business, the real estate mogul shares her unbelievable rags-to-riches story.

    OZY FACT: For her 70th birthday, Corcoran staged a fake funeral in front of 90 friends, popping out of the coffin wearing a floor-length red gown.

    SUNDAY // Interactive panel
  • Marc Lasry

    Marc Lasry

    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The son of Jewish immigrants from Morocco, Marc Lasry founded Avenue Capital Management with his sister Sonia in 1995 with $7 million in funding. They've since grown the firm into managing about $10 billion in assets.

    OZY FACT: Lasry is a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks who, behind the “Greek freak” star forward Giannis Antetokounmpo, made it to the Eastern Finals of the NBA this season.

    SUNDAY // Interactive panel
  • Desi Lydic

    Desi Lydic


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Born in Louisville, Kentucky, the professionally trained improv and comedy actress performed at The Groundlings and ImprovOlympics before starring on MTV's comedy series Awkward. She now works as a correspondent on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

    OZY FACT: Her big breakthrough was a joke. She got her start in a 2001 parody film Not Another Teen Movie and followed that up with the parody television series The Real Wedding Crashers.

    SATURDAY // Live discussion
  • Cindy Eckert

    Cindy Eckert


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Two words: female Viagra. Eckert founded Sprout Pharmaceuticals, which manufactured the first-ever FDA-approved drug to fight low sex drive in women, and sold the company for $1 billion. Now she's mentoring female entrepreneurs as CEO of The Pink Ceiling/Pinkubator.

    OZY FACT: Eckert gives nicknames to all her employees. Her own is HBIC (Head Betty In Charge).

    SATURDAY // Interactive panel
  • Marcus Samuelsson

    Marcus Samuelsson


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: He's the celebrated chef whose restaurant empire reaches from Harlem to Bermuda to London and Sweden. He's also the author of a James Beard Award-winning cookbook and Yes, Chef, his bestselling memoir. Samuelsson's most recent venture is No Passport Required, the PBS series that explores the diversity of immigrant traditions, and cuisine, in America.

    OZY FACT: He was the first White House guest chef for former president Barack Obama.

  • Elizabeth Vargas

    Elizabeth Vargas


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: From Good Morning America to 20/20 and World News Tonight, Elizabeth Vargas was a fixture on ABC for more than two decades — with the distinction of being the first female news anchor of Latin descent among the three major networks. In 2016, the Emmy Award winner added New York Times best-selling author to her resume after publishing a memoir about her battle with alcoholism and anxiety.

    OZY FACT: Vargas grew up in a military family and moved to 14 homes, nine Army bases and eight schools as a child.

    SATURDAY // Live discussion
  • Robert Herjavec

    Robert Herjavec


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Herjavec arrived in the U.S. by boat from the former Yugoslavia after his family left to escape communism. Now he's one of America's leading faces of capitalism as a shark on ABC's Shark Tank. He is the founder of cybersecurity firm Herjavec Group.

    OZY FACT: Herjavec used to race in the Ferrari Challenge North America Series, winning rookie of the year in 2011.

    SUNDAY // Interactive panel
  • Ronny Chieng

    Ronny Chieng


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: A Daily Show correspondent who appeared in last year's hit film Crazy Rich Asians, Chieng is a true globe-trotter: Of Chinese descent, he was born in Malaysia, raised in New Hampshire and Singapore, went to college and launched his comedy career in Australia. Today? He's a cigar bar-loving New Yorker.

    OZY FACT: Chieng was in law school in Melbourne in 2009 when he first tried stand-up comedy — and his classmates warned him against it.

    SATURDAY // Stand-up set
  • Natalie Wynn

    Natalie Wynn


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Wynn's YouTube channel "ContraPoints" has become a sensation with her humorous, offbeat, left-wing takes on a news cycle gone mad. Aside from challenging conservative commentators like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson, her videos have chronicled the Baltimorean's transition from male to female.

    OZY FACT: She dropped out of a philosophy PhD program at Northwestern because she didn't want a life in academia.

    SATURDAY // Live discussion
  • Dr. Oz

    Dr. Oz


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: He got his start as a health expert on Oprah before launching The Dr. Oz Show in 2009. Since then the cardiothoracic surgeon has become a household name and his show has racked up 10 Daytime Emmys. Whether it's tips for living to your fullest potential, or a healthy dinnertime swap, millions tune in to see what Dr. Oz will shine his spotlight on next.

    OZY FACT: In college Oz was elected class president twice and then became student body president in medical school.

    SUNDAY // Live discussion
  • V Bozeman

    V Bozeman


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The South Central Los Angeles native broke out with her performance as Veronika on the hit TV show Empire, proving that the model-actress-singer is a true triple threat — even if singing is her calling card. Her soulful sound was honed by mentor Timbaland and Bozeman's list of collaborators includes Cee Lo Green

    OZY FACT: Bozeman started her music career in girl groups, her big break coming when the group Mahogany was discovered by the legendary singer-producer Babyface.

  • Ben Cohen

    Ben Cohen


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: He and a childhood buddy founded Ben & Jerry's in 1978 in a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont. Cohen, who will be announcing a new flavor at OZY Fest, continues his maverick ways, including co-chairing Bernie Sanders' 2020 presidential campaign.

    OZY FACT: Ben and Jerry were choosing between a bagel or ice cream shop, but bagel-making equipment was too expensive. So, with $4,000 apiece, a $4,000 loan, and a $5 correspondence course on how to make ice cream, Ben & Jerry's was born.

    SUNDAY // Live discussion
  • Thusanda Duckett

    Thasunda Duckett


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Thasunda Duckett is the CEO of Chase Consumer Banking at JPMorgan Chase, an African American woman from New Jersey and Texas who is now a banking titan and the realization of "my ancestors' wildest dreams."

    OZY FACT: One of her favorite shows is This is Us, and she loves The Voice... partly because she thinks judge Blake Shelton "is hot."

    SATURDAY // Interactive panel
  • Esther Choi

    Esther Choi


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The chef and owner of mŏkbar grew up cooking with her Korean grandmother, so while she was born in New Jersey, her cooking has always had an international flare. Her formal training began at New York City's Institute of Culinary Education, and then she worked in the kitchens of ilili and La Esquina, as well as the Food Network.

    OZY FACT: The Food Republic called her a "New Rising Chef" and Zagat named her to its 30 under 30 "Rock Stars Redefining the Industry" list.

  • Delacey



    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: This hot singer-songwriter from Orange County, California, is watching her star rise — after co-writing Halsey's No. 1 hit single "Without Me." She's collaborated with artists ranging from Demi Lovato to Lost Kings, and "Ruin My Life," co-written with Swedish pop star Zara Larsson, is climbing the European charts. And the velvet vocalist just released her debut single "My Man"....

    OZY FACT: Kicked out of high school, twice, Delacey moved to Manhattan to work as a photographer. But she was so sad and lonely that she started writing songs. "New York City" was eventually recorded by the Chainsmokers, and she's been in the music world ever since.

  • Kiano MojuPadma Lakshmi

    Kiano Moju


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: As a video producer at BuzzFeed's Tasty, Kiano created nearly 100 cooking videos that amassed over 500 million Facebook views and nearly 50 million on YouTube. Today, this Bay Area native with Kenyan roots runs her own culinary creative studio called Jikoni, developing food video content and mouthwatering recipes.

    OZY FACT: When she was 9, Kiano was stalked by a cheetah on her grandparents’ ranch in Kenya. Other close calls with wildlife featured a black mumba snake and an angry elephant.

  • John Stessel

    John Stessel


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Currently performing a residency at the Red Rabbit Club in New York's Meatpacking District, this 24-year-old wizard got his start selling magic products at 15 ... and now has performed alongside music's biggest names, from 50 Cent to Travis Scott, Future and Lil Pump.

    OZY FACT: Stessel has invented numerous trick products — with at least three of them becoming best-sellers in the magic retailer world.

    SUNDAY // Live performance
  • Jazzy Amra

    Jazzy Amra


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: This Bronx-born R&B artist grew up in and out of foster care. Today she is a protégée and frequent collaborator of Wyclef Jean, who executive-produced her debut album Amra. Jean has said that he was drawn to the vivacious songstress for the same reasons he was drawn to work with Lauryn Hill, Beyonce and Mary J. Blige.

    OZY FACT: She chose the name Amra, which means princess in Arabic, because "despite those unfortunate events I lived through, it didn't take away from the fact that I am royalty, I am special, I am beautiful."

  • Kat Cunning

    Kat Cunning


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: You might recognize her face from HBO's The Deuce and Netflix's Trinkets, but the versatile artist's sultry voice has her breaking out with dreamlike hits like "King of Shadow." Cunning proudly self—identifies as queer and — in addition to her acting and singing chops — she's an accomplished dancer and photographer.

    OZY FACT: Her first professional break came performing Baroque-Burlesque Operas with Brooklyn's Company XIV.

  • Tom Rhodes

    Tom Rhodes


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The New York Times describes this stand-up veteran as "a mostly natural intellect with a knack for reporting the harsh realities of life." Best known for his critically acclaimed podcast, Tom Rhodes Radio, he is a fixture on the international comedy circuit and just released his new album, Around the World. We think of him as the Anthony Bourdain of comedy.

    OZY FACT: At 19, Rhodes won "The Funniest Person in Central Florida" contest.

    SUNDAY // Stand-up set
  • Mecca Verdell

    Mecca Verdell


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: This young Baltimore native was the secret sauce for a number of high-profile slam poetry wins for the city's teams. She uses spoken word poery as a political tool to speak truth to power about issues like colorism, sexual assault and racism.

    OZY FACT: Verdell, whose stage name is "Meccamorphosis," was the first Black woman to become the national underground poetry individual champion (NUPIC) at Southern Fried in 2018.

  • Michael Moe

    Michael Moe


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: The founder of GSV (aka Global Silicon Valley) investment and advising firm has his eye on global innovators when he makes his early investment bets — from Spotify to Lyft to (full disclosure) OZY. He's also the author of Finding the Next Starbucks and The Global Silicon Valley Handbook.

    OZY FACT: He played backup quarterback at the University of Minnesota under legendary football coach Lou Holtz.

    SUNDAY // Interactive panel
  • The Slumflower

    The Slumflower


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Chidera Eggerue is a writer and fashion blogger, as well as the award-winng author of the Sunday Times bestseller What a Time to Be Alone. Raised in Southeast London, her blog and pen name "The Slumflower" highlights under-covered and affordable fashion and has made her a mainstay in the body positivity and self-love movement.

    OZY FACT: In 2017, she started the hashtag #SaggyBoobsMatter, a viral movement that gained prominence while challenging conventional wisdom that women with large breasts must wear a bra if they sag.

    SUNDAY // Live discussion
  • Andrea Brimmer

    Andrea Brimmer


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: Head of marketing and PR for Ally Financial, Brimmer was named to Ad Age's "Women to Watch" list last year and Forbes' list of the 50 Most Influential CMOs. This car—loving Motor City native landed her dream job right out of college — at an ad agency working on Chevrolet.

    OZY FACT: When Brimmer's father invited her brother to try out for a new local soccer league, he passed but she wanted in — and instantly fell in love with the sport. Later she would be recruited to play varsity at Michigan State.

    SATURDAY // Live discussion
  • Ira Byock

    Dr. Ira Byock


    WHY YOU SHOULD CARE: We all fear death, but this palliative care specialist offers an intriguing solution: going out on a high. Byock believes in the use of psychedelics to ease pain and provide comfort in our final days.

    OZY FACT: Although a child of the 60s, Ira believes psychedelics are more than just for recreational tripping. They hold profound therapeutic benefits for those with terminal illness, PTSD, etc.

    SUNDAY // Live discussion
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                  • Alex Rodriguez

                    Alex Rodriguez


                    OZY FACT: Rodriguez's real estate investment firm, Monument Capital Management, owns and manages about 10,000 multifamily units across 11 states.

                  • Carlos Watson

                    Carlos Watson


                    OZY FACT: The endlessly inquisitive co-founder of OZY is a Miami native who attributes his curiosity to having been raised by educators. The former CNN and MSNBC anchor created OZY with a bold goal: to make you love the news (again).


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